Morgan Wright

New York, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Morgan's reviews

Hunter Mountain › October 27, 2011
Love this course! Plays on the side of a beautiful mountain, lawn is mowed, lots of long grunt shots and careful tricky putts. One hole (hole 9 and 0 when connected) is 1,400 feet long and drops off 340 feet in elevation. Nobody complains about holes like this. Hole 9 alone is 800 feet and 220 drop-off, and hole 0 is 600 and 120. Roughly. But when connected it's the world's most monstrous hole. That alone keeps the kids coming back. The pins are a frankenstein set of Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha, and Mapex but what's wrong with that? Pro shop. Ski lodge. Bathroom. Hot chicks in zipline costumes.
Joralemon Park › November 26, 2010
Decent pins, decent tee pads, fantastic layout with some good open grassy holes for roller shots, fun place to play, one or two of the holes have no fairways.
Central Park Schenectady › November 26, 2010
Great pins (Innova), fantastic signage, natural tee pads but some getting brick tees (!!), beautiful park, some holes are fantastic, hole 4 needs redesign, still needs bridge at creek crossing on 5.
Gilbert Lakes State Park › November 26, 2010
No chains, no tee pads, otherwise it would be a decent course because the fairways are decent and some are 300+ feet. Gorgeous park. Extremely old course makes sense for 1977 but not for today.
Oxbow Falls Park › October 27, 2011
This is a pro level course with intelligent layout and fantastic tee pads. Would give A+ but the pins are "Mach 2 New" which are not the best.
Oquaga Creek State Park › November 26, 2010
No chains, bogus fairways, 9 short holes. This is a frisbee golf course for little kids.
Hyzer Creek › March 13, 2013
Only 1 tee per hole