Road Commissioner Classic presented by Discraft (MP40,MP55,MA1,MA3,MA50,FA2,FA4)

PDGA logoSaturday, June 27, 2020 at Cass Benton Hills in Northville, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Road Commissioner Classic  presented by Discraft (MP40,MP55,MA1,MA3,MA50,FA2,FA4) graphic

About this tournament

2 rounds of 18 holes at Cass Benton

MDGO Feature Event
18 berths will be awarded for the Michigan State Championships
(split between June 27th & 28th)

Discraft Player Pack discs and payouts for all AMs

First 45 Paid to register will receive an extra disc from Discraft. (Combined between both days. Limit 1 per person)

MP40 & MA1 will play long tees both rounds

all other AM divisions will play short tees

To help address the sandbagging issues at the Michigan State Championships, a motion was made and the Motion was passed:
a. For the Am2/Am3 (including the women) divisions in Featured Events, if there is a player that takes 1st or 2nd place and that player has never had a PDGA membership the Featured Event will deduct from that player’s payouts $35 to cover the cost of buying them a PDGA membership.
b. The remaining $10 was initially paid by the player at entry.
c. The last missing $5 is because the MDGO is an Affiliate Club.
d. Non-current PDGA members do not apply.
e. The MDGO will reimburse $17 to the FE to help cover any loss.
f. It is HEAVILY stressed that this needs to be advertised so the player base is aware of this prior to the event.
g. Am4 men and women will not be competing for berths , so this will not effect there divisions

This was passed to address the issue of players not having player ratings. Even if they are not current, the TD does get a file from the PDGA that includes the player's rating

There will be a bunch of CTP prizes and the MDGO basket raffle!! we will be providing Player's packages for all Amateur's ,

If you do not pay prior to the tournament day and wish to pay the day of, there will be a $5 day of fee. (which will go toward added cash in your division)

Refund policy

Huron Valley is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Cass Benton Hills - Long tees hole 5 short tee, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: Cass Benton Hills - Long Tees champ basket on 12, 18 holes, par 58
1Matt Clark4754101$214
2Brendan Diamond5354107$148
3Chadd Scruggs5852110$114
4Derek Scobie5358111$90
5Andrew Przytulski5656112$63
5Andrew Rusinek5755112$63
7Derek Ballou5659115$50
7Evan McIntyre6055115$50
9Alex Hoffmann5858116$15
9Chris Kerns5957116$15
9Nick Wasyl5759116$15
12Brian Morba5562117
13Gary Hutchinson5961120
14Bobby Berndt5962121
14Justin Brodzik6556121
16Jake Klapko6161122
16Mark Guldner5963122
16Russell Taint6062122
19Jay Moyer63888951
Round 1: Cass Benton Hills - Short tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Cass Benton Hills - Short Tees champ basket on 12, 18 holes, par 55
1Noah Dietrich4955104$141
2JayBird Snyder5153104$120
3David Sepulvedo5154105$88
3Rob Wagner5253105$88
3Ted Patchel5352105$88
6Bobby Oakes5353106$68
7Jason Green5354107$63
7Matthew Malcolm5156107$63
9Christian Axelgard5454108$57
9John Page5553108$57
9Josh Fortin5454108$57
9Monty Wonnacott5553108$57
13Brian Brown5257109$52
14Andrew Young5456110$49
14Kevin Williamson5555110$49
16Chase Lamere5556111$44
16Chris Emery5556111$44
16Davin Montgomery5259111$44
19Jeff Kennedy5359112$37
19Scott Adkins5656112$37
21Drew Holder6152113$34
22Dustin Courtney5757114$31
22Worden Cuyler5856114$31
24Anthony Wasyl5561116
24Josh Russell5660116
26Bret Adams5958117
26Christopher Jacobs5562117
26Jack Flynn5859117
26Joseph Contratto5958117
26Matthew Bartley6255117
26Michael Cope6156117
26Michael Mertz5364117
33Marshall Sandum6058118
34Tim Schara5861119
35Tim St.Aubin6259121
36Chad Meyers6359122
37Kyle Robertson6360123
38Joel Wagner6164125
38Justin Kinsman6659125
38Mike Lafferty6362125
41Charles Briggs6066126
42Sean McGreal6463127
43Marc Harris6466130
43Zachary Erickson6169130
45Tyler Fults6566131
46Craig splittstoesser6864132
47William Keller6568133
48Troy Pope6177138
49Eric Diekman7366139
50Joshua Klutchko6674140
Intermediate Women
Round 1: Cass Benton Hills - Short tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Cass Benton Hills - Short Tees champ basket on 12, 18 holes, par 55
1Tara St.Aubin6662128$36
Junior 10
Round 1: Cass Benton Hills - Short tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Isaiah St.Aubin89-89
Junior 8
Round 1: Cass Benton Hills - Short tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Jesse St.Aubin77-77