Push & Shove For The Glove 2011 ( Course Team Challenge )

Saturday, June 25, 2011 at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament


a sweet safari ending playing around the open for good viewing for all , please come and watch the battle take place , that will start from teams made by the rules below

4- man teams , all players on team must live with in 30 miles of designated course for team

each team will play 6 round robin matchs of 9 holes for saturday , top four teams after first day advance to finals sunday

scoring will be 1 point for a win 1/2 point for a tie and 0 for a loss , scoring for team will be the same ( if your team was 2 wins and 2 losses in the match , your team scores a 1/2 point . 6 points being the highest any team could score for round robin

camping will be available ,lots will be paid for as of may 6th , i will post costs , i will be covering half , and i will divide the other half of camping costs to determine camping price ( half off camping to sum it up )

fantasy golf , players in the tourney will all be on a roster divided by there seeds so each player may choose a player from each seed to create his fantasy team , scoring will be the same as for event 1, 1/2 , or 0 , for what each fantasy player , if each of your players won all 6 matches top score will be 24 points , fantasy will be payed at players party , and cost dollars 5 $ during reg.

rosters must be turned in and payment received by may 25 th , call 248 805 2536 for address to mail in reg , or to arrange a meeting between one of the 4 reps from your side of the state , they are listed above in the club Jon Perry ( west side ) Kevin Tomasaitis ( south side ) Matt Rinker ( north /middle ) or myself ( eastside )

players party , i will be buying a basic dinner for a large group , hot dogs and burgers , chips , beverage , and some sides . if any one wants to bring potluck style food or things to make we will gladly cook them , i will have several lady's helping make the food so it will be made with love

glow golf or putting contest , we are cleared to play until 11:30 , so any who want will be invited to play a glow doubles round , a putting contest was also planned , i was thinking putting could happen after dinner was served so players could filter in and out as they ate , then the fantsasy golf will be awarded with putting contest winner . any body still able to walk will continue the marathon on in glow doubles

sundays finals will be seeded play in a 12 hole match , advancing teams will play an 18 hole match for the glove , 3rd and 4th will play a 12 hole match to decide there finishing position and cash , only the 4 teams to make the finals will get payed , payouts will be posted before the events starts where the fantasy rosters are



Final Results

1Team Lakeshore ( Ann Arbor )$480
2Team H-2-O (Lansing)$360
3Team Coldbrook ( Battle Creek)$180
3Team Montser( Ann Arbor)$180
5Civic Center ( Royal Oak )
6Team Bluegill ( Grand Rapids)
7Team Reed ( Mt. Pleasant)6
8Team Starr ( Royal Oak )
9Team Toboggan (Milford)
10Team Farmhouse ( Ann Arbor )