March Mush (Day 1 MPM, MA1, MA3, MG1)

PDGA logoSaturday, March 18, 2017 at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


March Mush (Day 1 MPM, MA1, MA3, MG1) graphic

About this tournament


No Cashless Pre-Registration is avail
If you do not pay prior to the tournament day and wish to pay the day of there will be a $5 day of fee.
Register here or:
Payments may be made directly to me or mail them to:

Matt Rinker
486 Regent Ct
Dimondale MI 48821

Event 1 of the JBird Players Series

2 Rounds of 21 Holes (Everyone will play to the short pin on 9)
MDGO Feature Event 9 Discraft Michigan Championships Berths
First 45 Paid to register will receive an extra disc from Discraft. (Combined both days. Limit 1 per weekend)

$2 or $3 of your entry fee is the PDGA fee and $2 JBPS fee
$2 Ace Pool
$3 50/50

Selling of Disc Golf related item is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from tournament. You have been warned.

To help address the sandbagging issues at the Michigan State Championships;
a. For the Am2/Am3 (including the women) divisions in Featured Events, if there is a player that takes 1st or 2nd place and that player has never had a PDGA membership the Featured Event will deduct from that player’s payouts $35 to cover the cost of buying them a PDGA membership.
b. The remaining $10 was initially paid by the player at entry.
c. The last missing $5 is because the MDGO is an Affiliate Club.
d. Non-current PDGA members do not apply.

This was passed to address the issue of players not having player ratings. Even if they are not current, the TD does get a file from the PDGA that includes the player's rating.

Refund policy

Capital City Renegades is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
1Christopher Kirby5858116
2Andrew Przytulski5860118
3Derek Evans6059119
3James Laur6059119
3Patrick Van Tuinen5861119
6Alex Grimes5961120
6Tyler Huyghe6060120
8Christopher Koontz5962121
9Mark Grzybowski6062122
9Matt Newberg6062122
11Andrew DeDonado6360123
12Brent Faubert6460124
12Dan Abruzzi6361124
12Mike Kemp6262124
15Andrew Trayer6263125
15Ben Jackson6065125
15David Hamlin6263125
18Cory Whitten6462126
18Philip Lyon6462126
20Nate Buban5869127
21Joshua Siwek6365128
21Justin Phillips6365128
21Leonard Oberhaus III6563128
21William Montpas6662128
25Brenden Andrews6465129
26Andrew Wonch6367130
27Brandon Ter Meer6467131
27Chadd Scruggs6467131
27Dave Chansler6665131
27Dennis Luce7061131
31Jeremiah Clennan6765132
31Parker Lovell6369132
33Justin Radecki6569134
33Rex Loveless III6767134
35Steven Burton6869137
36Logan Ruiz7268140
37Eric Saya7074144
38Cody Duggins7778155
39Eirik Kauserud--0
Advanced Grandmaster
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
1Keith Aten6062122
2Joe Levell6661127
3James Mayes6365128
4Craig Clingan6766133
5Wayne Van Tuinen6871139
6Dan Gipe6975144
7Stan Duggins7572147
8Scott Adkins7573148
9Andy Ward7382155
10Michael Wildner--0
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - March mush 21, 21 holes, par 63
1Zachary Malott6263125
2Tyler Ferrin6164125
3David Sepulvedo6365128
3Spencer Gee6068128
3Zachary Stuefen6365128
6Jeffrey McGuire6465129
7Aaron Shoup6763130
8Eric Francis6467131
9Robert Crosby6864132
10Cassidy Brigham6766133
11Gary Vigil6965134
11Mark Metzger6866134
13Andrew Young7362135
13Gregory Butterfield6966135
13John James6570135
16Caleb Peters6967136
17Anthony Brown6572137
17Todd Lewis6572137
19Michael Cook6969138
20Douglas Smith6871139
20Eric Golembiewski6970139
20Jason Harris7267139
20Tyler LaBo6871139
24Dylan Helfrich7070140
24Terrance Elizondo7169140
24Wesley Shinevar6872140
27Timothy Wolcott7470144
28Cody Holtrust7174145
28Jason Storm6976145
30Shea Abbgy7473147
30Steven Hedke7374147
32Jon Peters7577152
33Skip Jensen7776153
33Travis Stalker7479153
35James Jean7877155
36denton dietz7483157
37Austin Kennebeck--0