March Mush Day 1 (MPM MA1 MA3 MG1)

PDGA logoSaturday, March 15, 2014 at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

March Mush Day 1 (MPM MA1 MA3 MG1) graphic

About this tournament

No Cashless Pre-Registration
If you do not register prior to the tournament and wish to register the day of there will be a $5 day of fee.
Payments may be made directly to TD or mail them to:

Matt Rinker
3900 Windemere DR
Lansing MI 48911
Feel free to use ribbons. Bunker rule for lost discs- no stroke rethrow from previous lie

Breakfast and Lunch will be available for purchase
Breakfast sandwich or burrito, oatmeal, fruit and breakfast bar
Lunch- Chili or Brocolli and cheese soup.
Combo meals available with a drink
Coffee and cocoa and juice

Event 4 JBird Players Series

USADGC Qualifier Top 15% Am 1's qualify

2 Rounds of 21 Holes
MDGO Feature Event 9 Discraft Michigan Championships Berths
First 45 to register will receive an extra disc from Discraft. (Combined both days. Limit 1 per weekend)

$3 of your entry fee is the PDGA fee and $2 JBPS fee

To help address the sandbagging issues at the Michigan State Championships;
a. For the Am2/Am3 (including the women) divisions in Featured Events, if there is a player that takes 1st or 2nd place and that player has never had a PDGA membership the Featured Event will deduct from that player’s payouts $35 to cover the cost of buying them a PDGA membership.
b. The remaining $10 was initially paid by the player at entry.
c. The last missing $5 is because the MDGO is an Affiliate Club.
d. Non-current PDGA members do not apply.

This was passed to address the issue of players not having player ratings. Even if they are not current, the TD does get a file from the PDGA that includes the player's rating.

Refund policy

Contact Capital City Renegades for all refund/cancelation requests.


Final Results

Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
1Chris Mangus5955114$265
2marty peters6059119$160
3Tim Weimer6160121$110
4Keith Aten6161122$85
5Jacob Kroll6360123$65
6Cal Kristofferson6361124$50
7Jeff Bauman6560125$45
8Chad Shepard6363126$38
8Jay Cole6660126$38
10Ken Gill6662128
10Kirk Haggadone6761128
10Mark Ellis6464128
13Joe BlueGill6465129
14Curt McGill6170131
15Scott Gross7261133
16Craig Clingan7066136
17Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer7368141
17Joseph Caldwell7269141
17Wayne VanTuinen7269141
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
1George Beno5857115
2Brian Shevela6158119
3Seth Badger6159120
4Spencer Skar6061121
4Tyler Kind6358121
6Barry Hutton6062122
6Jacob Turner6161122
8Jon Kind6558123
9Eirik Kauserud6658124
9Kyle Greenhalgh6757124
9Nik LEhr6163124
12Duncan Spitz6362125
13Alex Grimes6561126
13Josh Ackerman6462126
13Josh Schulte6759126
13Nate Buban6660126
17Andrew Przytulski6859127
17Jared Dow6760127
17Josh Siwek6958127
17Joshua Bucher6661127
17Justin Hundich6562127
17Matt Elgersma6463127
17Reid Frescura6859127
17Rick Little6562127
25Dale Wroble6959128
25Justin Standish6662128
25Matt Murdock6464128
28Brent Faubert6861129
28Chris Razzy Morgan6762129
28Steve Hatter6762129
31Jon Marble6664130
31brent moreno6961130
33J Garza6764131
33lyle downing6566131
35Kyle Enbody7459133
36Johnny Mac6866134
36Marty McKibbin6767134
38DREW Vander Wege6768135
38Kenneth Mize6867135
40Travis Tullis7066136
40ralph matrau7165136
40sean reese6967136
43Evan McIntyre7067137
44Grant McMullen7167138
44Patrick Franz7266138
46Joshua Bloomfield7270142
47Ryan Valdez7370143
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Mush14, 21 holes, par 63
1Boyd Childers6761128
2Jeff England6960129
3Justin Abram7063133
4Josh Hewitt6966135
5Jason Phillips6770137
6Moe Dixon7466140
7Robert Crosby7269141
8Nate Upton7369142
8Ronnie Martens7864142
10Chadd Scruggs7370143
11Larry Dalimonte7373146
11james-JOSH- russell7373146
13Ian Davidson7869147
13Jeff Dutka7374147
15Chris Booker7377150
16Lisa Harbour7578153
17Nick Wickham8077157
18Parker Lovell84-84
19William Fretz--0