Legendary Sleepy Hollow Mixed Doubles

Sunday, March 12, 2017 at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

Welcome to the 7th annual Disc Girls Gone Wild Fundraiser!

This is a bring your own partner (1 male, 1 female) mixed doubles tournament. If you need a partner please contact me and I can try to find you one!
There will be 3 divisions, Pro Mixed, Am Mixed and Cali (if you can't find a female partner but please try to find a partner first!). If you normally play Pro or Advanced you will play Pro Mixed. All other Ams will play Am Mixed.

To pre-reg, post on the talk board here and tell me you and your partners names, Team Name, division, and pdga numbers if you have one.

Cash pay out for Pro teams, merch payouts for Ams and Cali! $15 will come out of each Pro entry to the fundraiser.

Format: 2 rounds of 18 holes.
All mixed teams will play the same format. Each round, each team must play from 8 of the men's drives and 8 of the women's drives, which leaves you with two floaters. The rest of the hole is best shot.

Food is rather far away so please bring a packed lunch to eliminate a long lunch break.

Entry Fees:
Pro - $40, Men pay $25, women pay $15!
Am - $25, Men pay $20, women pay $5!
Pros, $15 of your entry fee will go to the fundraiser.

Please note there is a State Park fee which is $10. If no one is at the gate and you do not have the parking pass on your plates, you may get a ticket on your car, but you can mail in the payment and they will send you the year pass.

All proceeds will go to the Disc Girls Gone Wild, Women only event at Sleepy Hollow State Park on June 3-4, 2017. I hope you will come out and support the women! Thank you!

Refund policy

Trip C's is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Main course 22 holes, short basket hole 9, 22 holes, par 66
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Main course 22 holes, short basket hole 9, 22 holes, par 66
1Brandon Oleskie
Jessica Jaworski
5556111 (-21)
2Dan Treece
Stormie Morris
5856114 (-18)
2George Beno
Ashlee Jurski
5658114 (-18)
2Jeff Kuehle
Jen Kuehle
5658114 (-18)
2Pete Reaume
Sue Stephens
5559114 (-18)
6Andy Smith
6057117 (-15)
6Shaun Adkins
Krystal Fromm
5859117 (-15)
8Chad Hutchinson
Deb Cronkright
6157118 (-14)
Ragna Bygde Lewis
6158119 (-13)
10Pov Underhill
Liz Sypien
6258120 (-12)
11Casey Cook
Jessica Cook
6359122 (-10)
11Christopher Kirby
Erin Oakley
6062122 (-10)
13Miquaith Andrick
Kristy Moore
6558123 (-9)
14Josh Schafer
Alisha Schafer
6361124 (-8)
15Brian Parsons
Andrea Parsons
6164125 (-7)
16Jake Kroll
Casey Wilholt
6365128 (-4)
17Andy Thomas
Maria Thomas
6465129 (-3)
18Jeff Yanssens
Sam Socia
6566131 (-1)
19Ivan Larsen
Chandra Degood
6866134 (+2)
20Adam Beers
CJ Graham
7170141 (+9)
Round 1: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Main course 22 holes, short basket hole 9, 22 holes, par 66
Round 2: Sleepy Hollow State Park - Main course 22 holes, short basket hole 9, 22 holes, par 66
1Serina Jinks
Patrick VanTuinen
6158119 (-13)
2Chantel McGill
Curt McGill
6162123 (-9)
2James Mayes
Jean Mayes
6360123 (-9)
4Kallie Howell
Cory Ferrin
6364127 (-5)
5Ragine Hanson
Dan Oakley
6366129 (-3)
6Ashley Conlin
Josh Siwek
6961130 (-2)
6Lindsey Maas
Jake Messner
6763130 (-2)
8Sarah Morris
James Snyder
6566131 (-1)
9Keith Aten
6666132 (E)
9Robert Crosby
Cristina Crosby
6963132 (E)
11Kelly Laderoot
Adam Ledy
6469133 (+1)
12Brion St. Clair
Lauren St. Clair
6767134 (+2)
12Nate Upton
Christina Upton
6668134 (+2)
Jonna Tury
6965134 (+2)
15Casey McDonnell
Tianna Heinig
6769136 (+4)
15Randall Stephen
Matt Robere
6373136 (+4)
17Charles Cochran
Alicia Topa
6968137 (+5)
17Gary Vigil
Hilary Vigil
7067137 (+5)
17Taylor Hornbeck
7067137 (+5)
20Sherry Schmits
Randy Carruthers
7368141 (+9)
21Janny Darling
7173144 (+12)
22Briana DeCraene
Thomas DeCraene
7174145 (+13)
23Doug Prizer
Nancy Wright
7373146 (+14)
23Matt Bates
Jen Trombley
7670146 (+14)
25Morgan Ettinger
7477151 (+19)
26Corri Mooney
Ashley Meyers
7480154 (+22)