Dallas City Park Ace Race

Sunday, January 20, 2013 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Ace Race

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About this tournament

This is going to be a 27 hole layout ace race. we will use all 18 regular baskets plus 9 temp baskets. $10 dollar buy in. Two rounds of 27 holes. You choose the discs you want to throw. You get 2 throws per hole with optional $1 dollar mulligans (up to five). so that means you can potentionaly take 7 throws at 1 basket if you bought 5 mulligans. The scoring system is easy. 1 point for pole. 2 points for basket. 3 points for chains. and 5 points for an ace. After everyone on your card throws both shots as a group can all go collect your discs. NO PUTTING!!! Janurary 20th at 9 a.m. This layout will be super fun and there should be a ton of aces. I hope everyone can make it out to enjoy this special layout and come bang some aces. Any questions Call or send a messege to Dallas Trower @ 503-409-8615 for any questions.

Hole 1- 1's teepad to 8's basket. (double points if you call a skip.)
Hole 2- 2's teepad to 1's basket.
Hole 3- Flags on hill to 2's basket.
Hole 4- Normal hole 3
Hole 5- 4's teepad to temp basket
Hole 6- Flags on sidewalk to 4's basket.
Hole 7- Normal hole 5
Hole 8- Normal hole 6
Hole 9- 7's teepad to temp basket
Hole 10- Flags on hill to 11's basket
Hole 11- 12's teepad to temp basket
Hole 12- 11's teepad to 12's basket
Hole 13- Flags to 7's basket
Hole 14- Flags between trees to 9's basket
Hole 15- Flags to 10's basket
Hole 16- Normal hole 13
Hole 17- Flags to temp basket
Hole 18- 14's teepad to temp basket
Hole 19- Flags to 14's basket
Hole 20- Flags to temp basket
Hole 21- Flags to 15's chains
Hole 22- 16's teepad to temp basket
Hole 23- Flags to 16's basket
Hole 24- Flags to temp basket
Hole 25- 17's teepad to temp basket
Hole 26- Flags to 17's basket
Hole 27- Normal Hole 18


Final Results

1Dallas Trower$120
2Guerrero, Rafael$100
3agro jackson$80
4Brady "Church" Reese$60
5Bryan Van fleet$50
6Lee Hartman$40
7jesse w.$30
8Easy E$20
9Aaron M.
9Andy H.
9Brad H.
9Brandon W.
9Brent Cameron
9Carl Cleem
9Dane Jones
9Don R.
9Frankie four fingerz
9Isiah T.
9John S.
9Johnny D.
9Josh parker
9Justin H.
9Kain T.
9Kain Tormis
9Kevin G.
9Kody H.
9Kyle J.
9Nate E.
9Quinn M.
9Randell S.
9Scottish Rob
9Steve E.
9Steve Jones
9Steve M.
9Vance T.
9Vance Tormis
9Will Wagman