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PDGA logoSaturday, March 30, 2019 at The Aviary in Colorado Springs, Colorado
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament


Two Rounds of Singles @ Aviary Disc Golf Course
Colorado Springs, CO

Hosted By PPFDC

Tournament Schedule
Friday: Random Draw Doubles
Check In off Las Vegas where TD Central will be, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Start Time @4:45pm sharp
$10 Per Player, 50% goes to doubles payout, 50% goes into Tournament Payout.

Check in 7-9:00am
Optional Ace Pot Bring $2, covers both rounds.
Players Meeting at 9:30am
Tee off 10:00am
Will break an hour for lunch (on your own)
Will start 2nd round 1hr after last card is turned in.

Tournament Central
Off Las Vegas by hole 5 tee pad. .
Park on the Las Vegas side. (I-25 south to Circle (exit 138), go east to Janitell Rd turn left (right after Hotel Elegante) follow Janitell until it T's into Las Vegas, turn right, after going under the Circle bridge there will be a fenced container yard on your right, parking lot just after the fenced container yard right before the impound lot. There will be a flag or balloons to indicate the turn.

We mowed some of the area where TD central will be, should be plenty of room this year.

Tee Assignments
There will be Two short tee pads. Jrs, Intermediate Men and Advanced Women will play the shorter pads on hole 18 and hole 5.
All other divisions will play the standard marked areas.
We will move pin placements for Round 2
We will have Round 1 layout set up two weeks prior

Round 1/2 Pins
1 - Original/Original
2 - Original / Alt
3 - Original Par 3 / Plays to 18 long Par 4
4 - Original / Alt
5 - Original / Alt
6 - Original / Alt
7 - Original / Alt
8 - Original / Alt
9 - Original / Alt
10 - Original/Original
11 - Original/Alt
12 - Original / Alt
13 - Original/Original
14 - Original/Original
14a - Original/Original
15 - Original / Alt
16 - Original / Alt
17 - N/A - Hole will not be played, See Hole 14a
18 - Plays to 19 (Practice basket) Par 4 / Rd 2 Original Par 3
19 - N/A - Will be used as basket 18 for round 1.

Tournament OBs.
The out-of-bounds line is part of the out-of-bounds area.

General OBs
· Water/Creek
· Sidewalk and Beyond
· Bridge
· Cliff's Edge

· Hole 9 Tree Arch in the Ceiling of the fairway off the Tee. Retee if missed
· Hole 11 Mando left of the marked tree. Drop Zone next to mando
· Hole 14 Mando left of the marked tree. Retee if missed.
· Hole 18 Mando 1st round, Drive must land on east side of river. Retee if missed

Hole by Hole OB
1. In the Water/on the bridge / or across sidewalk. If you do not touch the other side, OB go to drop zone, if you cross the other side and go OB, take the drop from where you last crossed.
2. Water right, or across sidewalk left, painted and flagged line long.
3. On or across sidewalk / over the fence right, Bridge, Painted and flagged line long ( will be marked Between rounds).
4. Over the fence right
5. Water/Creek, off the cliffs edge will be painted and flagged. Re Tee from Rec Pad if never crossed land
6. Water / Creek left
7. Water, Creek long, Painted and Flagged line right.
8. Painted and flagged line Right,
9. Must make mando, retee if missed, Water / Creek long
10. Water / Creek long
11. Must make the mando, drop zone next to mando, OB painted and flagged line right, left and long, If OB before Mando go to drop zone, if OB after mando take drop from last in-bounds.
12. Water / Creek left, painted and flagged line right
13. Over the Painted line right, into 11's Fairway, Painted and flagged line left near 14’s tee.
14. Must make Mando, re-tee if missed.
14a. Island Hole, Must land In painted and flagged area, re-tee If never crossed in-bounds. OB fence Line right, Painted and flagged line short, left and long.
15. OB bushes on the side of the hill, will be painted, proceed to drop zone if OB.
16. N/A
17. Hole will not be played
18. Must make mando re-tee if missed, Water, on or across sidewalk, Cliff edge (will be Painted), Over fence (soccer fields) If any throw after the mandatory drive on east side of river goes into the river and never crosses in bounds on west side or river, proceed to Drop Zove across bridge. If the disc crosses land on west side of river and goes into river, take drop from last in-bounds.
19. N/A

Febuary 9th through March 29th: Contact us on these dates for a full refund of entry fees minus a 10% handling charge if we aren't able to fill your spot from the waitlist. If we cannot fill your spot you will instead receive a 25% cash refund.
No call-no show: No cash refund will be given.
If you paid in full and are on the waitlist and do not get in you will get a 100% refund.

Hole Sponsors

1. Rocky Armijo Sr.
2. Edward Timothy Heenan
3. Andrew Marshall
4. Brandon Michael
5. Tempe Krieger
6. Mike Gray
7. Steve Sells
8. Chad Miller
9. Dan Schroeder
10. Travis Flett
11. Jeff Sprott
12. Santos Montoya
13. Mahtias Wright
14. J.D. Whitlock
15. Dan Parten/Skol Ranch
16. Jim Bear
17. Steven Forgét
18. Raymond Carr

Big Thank you to our Hole Sponsors

Payout: Pro Division will be paid cash day of, Am division will be paid out in merch. Possible added cash to pro division. Am divisions will receive a players pack discs as well. Trophies for the 1st place winners. Subject to change with adds and drops.

Look forward to running a great event. Hit us up if you have any questions.

JD Whitlock -TD
Refund policy
Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.
The Aviary
Colorado Springs, CO

Refund policy

Piles Peak Flying Disc Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.