ADGO Bag Tag Challenge Kick-Off (#6)

Sunday, February 21, 2016 at East Roswell Park in Roswell, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament


ADGO Bag Tag Challenge Kick-Off (#6) graphic

About this tournament

ADGO Bag Tag Kick-Off Event #6 at East Roswell Park hosted by Dustin Penwright and Travis Craig!

This event will be limited to the FIRST 50 players that register. Any walk-ups will be allowed to check-in after 12:30 pm pending there are tags available due to no-shows.

Bag Tags starting with #006 and every 6th number proceeding will be at this event. This means tags #006, #012, #018, #024, #030 and so on up to tag #300.

You will have TWO options for receiving a tag. One, If you can not play the actual Kick-Off round, you will be assigned the HIGHEST number tag available at check-in and free to leave. Two, if you are able to stay and play you will be assigned the LOWEST tag available at check-in and will be added for that parks Challenge.

TAGS ARE $20 and CASH ONLY!!!!

If you register for this event you will NOT be permitted to play in or REGISTER for events (#1), (#2), (#3), (#4) or (#5). Any player that registers for multiple events will be DELETED from every event to which they have registered. We want to focus our efforts solely on getting tags distributed this weekend and not coordinating a massive bag tag challenge at each event. Once you have received your bag tag at ANY event you are free to start challenging afterwards just not at any other Kick-Off event this weekend.

Refund policy

Atlanta Disc Golf Organization is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

Round 1: East Roswell Park - Blue tees (long), 18 holes, par 56
1Ryan Watson5050
2Michael Crupie5555
2Sebastian Gentile5555
4Daniel Keefe5656
4Scott Renz5656
6Dylan Holt5757
6Tommy Goodson5757
8Chase Caldwell5858
8Zach Parker5858
10James McNaughton5959
11Jordan Miller6060
12Matt Versola6060
13Mitchell Summers6060
14Alan Sandidge6161
14Brandon Hopkins6161
14Steven King6161
14Vern Williams6161
18Robbie Wright6262
19Shawn Medina6464
20Aaron Denning6565
20Amanda Gardner6565
20Austin Lytle6565
20Chris Gentile6565
20Kevin Donahue6565
25Alex Watts6666
25Corey Landers6666
25Kevin Reagin6666
28Dennis Winkler6767
28Hunter Windle6767
28Thomas Lackey6767
31Blake Frantz6868
31David Walls6868
31Kyle Avery6868
34Koty Bashford7070
35Jennie Costa7171
36Travis Craig7373
37Peggy Attaway7878
38Katrina Maloney8484