2010 A3Disc Ace Race

Friday, November 26, 2010 at Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, Michigan
Ace Race


Rest In Peace - Club GuardianWilliam Gilbert

About this tournament

We will take names in cashless pre-reg to better get an idea of who is coming, please supply your name, PDGA# or email address used on this site to link your results. Also please note if you will be donating a disc or paying the $5 extra fee for dots.
All holes will be on the original course from mostly shortened tees.
Entry Fee is $15.00 and a disc or $20
Donated discs or items must be new all donations will go into the dot pot.
$15.00 of your entry fee will go into the Ace Pool Payout, A3 will add dots only if players choose to pay the $20 entry mentioned above based on the extra $5 entry fee.
The last few years, and will continue this year, there has been an optional extra $5 ace pool all monies going to the participants who pay into that pool.

Groups are randomly assigned with preferred grouping possible with bribe to the event. Bribes must be at least 1 of the following items:
An additional new disc used for Dots
$5 cash will be used to add to the dot pot prizes.
Donate a toy for Hudson Mills “Toys for Tots” collection program. Toys must be turned into tournament staff to be recognized, must be new and in the original package.
Each single bribe will allow 1 player to request 1 other person in his group. Additional bribes will allow for additional requests.
You may supply your intention in cashless pre-reg to bribe the event so we have a better idea of Dots being brought as well.

Group size limit will be 5 unless over 90 players show up. Group size limited to 6 unless 120 players sign up etc.

The number of holes to be played are subject to change based on weather, player turnout or other outside conditions to be determined on the day of event.
We are planning on 48 holes at this moment, you will play 2 rounds of 24 holes with no break in the middle you can break if you choose to between loops.

86 players in 2009 over $1300.00 paid out to ACE's.

(The day after Thanksgiving AKA Black Friday, when traditionally everybody goes out shopping) Choose instead to come play a little disc golf at Hudson Mills Metropark, A3Disc will be running its annual Ace Race.

Hudson Mills will not be charging Park Entry fees On Thursday or Friday the 26th and 27th. But they will still be charging the P2P fees of $2.00 per day.

Format of the ACE RACE is simple only ACE's count towards cash prizes, each Ace gets the person a share of the Ace Pool. Multiple aces by a single person are multiple shares.
1 shot per hole from shortened tees (on most holes) to the basket.
The maximum length of a hole will not exceed 300' but probably be less than 250' average distance.

Draw for Dots will be in the order the players register, first in first out in every round of the Dot draw! With enough dots everybody even if they don’t get dots may get to pick dot prizes. This has happened the last few years. So leaving early just because you don’t have any aces or dots may be a bad idea.

Current Standings


John Worden$1065.00 for Hole F on Original course, Red tees (short)
1Chris Reece
1Dan Grady
1Dan Oakley
1Jeff Brelin
1Ken Parks
1Marnie White
1Marty Metheringham
1Todd White
9Andy Dwyer
9Bill Hornyak
9Gabe Cadorin
9Joe Antilla
9John Hornyak
9Johnny V
9Josh Cantor
9Nick Curdy
9Tim Gacioch
9Tim Weir
19Brendon Grey
19Brian Fallon
19Chris Westphal
19David Curry
19Erin Oakley
19Jeff Lozowsky
19Joe Grey
19Lisa Hartman
19Luke Holtzapple
19Scott Aikens
19Scott White
31Bobby McAleer
31Chris Behrman
31Dan Flans
31Dustin Anderson
31Jeremy Foor
31Jim Daniels
31Joe Arnet
31Mike Frame
31Neil Ennis
31Nick Mucker
31Richard Thelen
31Scott Jones
43Bob Derkacz
43John Worden
43Ken Foor
43Steve Martin
47Andrew Kaluk
47Andy Steiner
47Ben Ciccarelli
47Brooke Plantz
47Darren Harper
47Jeff Kaluk
47Justin Holley
47Kirk Haggadone
47Ron Howard
47Scott Ransley
47Scott Sprow