Jim ONeill

Illinois, USA Righty - backhand

Jim's reviews

Sergeant Means Park › March 18, 2015
Brown Deer Park › October 18, 2013
Floral Park › October 31, 2011
My kind of course, open with a lot of scattered live oak trees and small bushes. most baskets were 300 ft plus so it was all that I could do to get it there with accuracy plus low hanging branches. A lot of skip on the hard ground with short grass or should I say crabgrass and weeds. fun to play try it.
Whispering Pines Park › October 31, 2011
I did not like this course but only played once with only 3 discs a money, shark and nuke ss. with no ablity to turn right. massive amount of trees with all short baskets except maybe 1 over 300 ft. interesting small mounds make it intersting but with no chance to throw long it is just a lot of short position shots for a three, fun but lacking long throws.
Tim Osmond Sports Complex › June 26, 2013
Do not waste your time here, until they redesign. There are plans but nothing going on as of summer 2013. If in this area go to Fairfield park south or Fox river park to the north.
Fox River County Park › May 28, 2012
This is the best course I have played. It is very challenging for any player. I have seen some very new players on it and they were having problems because of the hills and long walks. I sent them to the easy 9 basket course in the same park, good for a warm up. There is little to say about cons to this faclity, but it starts on the first hole, there are two basket placements for each tee off, and #1 is too short or too many branches that make it a hole too hard for most players, there just are ...
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