Jamie The Sauce Mosier

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

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Independence Lake County ParkRed Hawk X › September 18, 2018
Independence Lake County ParkRed Hawk › September 18, 2018
I thought this course was pretty perfect when it was 18. All the extras just make it confusing and lame imo
Cass Benton Hills › September 18, 2018
Best course in South East Michigan
Kensington MetroparkBlack Locust South › September 18, 2018
If a quarter the effort that was put into the new holes, was put into the old holes that make up this course, then it could be truly amazing. But instead we get this meh course because they only focused on 9 holes. I also give this rating an extra deduction due to keeping hole 5 the same. The (re)designer specifically told me that garbage hole was being scrapped and it was kept.
McLouth Park › September 18, 2018
About time we actually have a course of this style here. Michigan neglects the need for courses like this. Our players often get slaughtered on tour because they never get a chance to learn how to throw far enough to play in other regions.
SMASH Park › May 23, 2018
Whiskey Creek Campground › September 7, 2015
This place is dead to me unless they make amends with MDGO
Bonnie Brook DGC › September 26, 2014
Merrill Park WestThe Gulch › May 2, 2014
I like the course but the cities douchebachery to not allow orthodox leagues and events here bring it's rating down severely. Everybody should rate it down for their stubbornness. Rated up more for allowing Mondays to happen finally
Sunnybrook › November 22, 2012
Carts nuff said
LakeshoreThe Ponds (Original) › June 28, 2012
I enjoy playing the course but Ben ruined it for me
Brighton High School › April 18, 2012
White's Acres › September 2, 2013
Kensington Metropark - Toboggan CourseToboggan Course › September 18, 2018
Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan
Kensington MetroparkBlack Locust › September 23, 2010