CDGA Bag Tag Challenge 2013   April 21, 2013 at 4:59pm

CDGA Bag Tag Challenge

FEE: $15
$10 towards cash payout. $5 goes to CDGA for prizes for the final tag tournament.


To start the challenge, first come first served. April 28th, 2013 at LP Open
You may challenge any tag holder before any round of play. Casual, Doubles or Tournament.
Your tag is automatically up for grabs during Tuesday Leagues.
Ties go to whomever had the lowest tag prior to the round.
You must submit your own updates on If you look on the main bag tag page you can click "Submit bag tag updates" after that click "Submit player tags" Then all you have to do is change the tag number that you have.
The final update at the end of the year will be posted by the CDGA.
There will be an end of the year tournament in September for prizes for all tag holders. No charge.
If you refuse a challenge, except for doubles play, you forfeit your tag.

Tuesday Leagues

Your tag is automatically up for grabs.
You are only competing for tags durning your league time. Tags will be given back at the end of each round. AM tags stay with AM. PM with PM.
If you choose to leave before everyone is back from a round, you forfeit any claim to your earned tag but may take the highest tag available.

Handicapped Doubles (Sunday)

Anyone battling for tags must agree prior to drawing partners.
Your partner does not need to posses a tag to be your partner for the round.
The winning person/team gets the lowest/two lowest tags.
Whomever started with the lowest tag on the team gets the lowest tag earned for the round.
You are using the handicapped score to determine tag winners.


You may challenge any tag holder at any time you are on the course at the same time.
If the person refuses, (except for doubles), that person forfeits his/her tag.