Manic Mondays   April 8, 2013 at 9:40pm

Putters Only Format - Approved Putters

Here is a list of Approved putters (You can carry as many putters as you want but they must be on this list).

ABC Money
Aerobie Arrow
Aerobie Sharpshooter #3
Ching Juju
Ching Tank
Crosslap Credo
Daredevil Beaver
Daredevil Polar Bear
Daredevil Woodchuck
Destiny Super Puppy
DGA Blowfly
DGA Blowfly II
DGA Blunt Driver
DGA Blunt Gumbputt
DGA Breaker
DGA Glowfly
DGA Powerdive Gumbputt
DGA Reef
DGA Titanic
Disc Golf Aoteroa Rippa
Discmania P1 Maniac
Discmania P2 Psycho
Discraft APX
Discraft Banger GT
Discraft Challenger
Discraft Focus
Discraft Magnet
Discraft Puttr
Discraft Rattler
Discraft Ringer
Discraft Zeppelin
Discraft Zone
Discwing Crosshair
Dynamic Discs Judge
Gateway Magic
Gateway Voodoo
Gateway Warlock
Gateway Wizard
Innova Ace
Innova Aero
Innova Aviar (all classifications)
Innova Birdie
Innova Classic Roc
Innova Coupe
Innova Dart
Innova Polecat
Innova Hammer
Innova Mirage
Innova Pig
Innova Rhyno
Innova Sonic
Innova Wedge
Innova XD
Latitude Mercy
Latitude Pure
Latitude Ruby
Latitude Sinus
Latitude Spike
Legacy Clutch
Legacy Clozer
Lightning #2 Putter
Lightning Rubber Putter
Lightning U-2
Lightning Upshot
Millennium Omega (all versions)
MVP Anode
Mvp Ion
Prodiscus JOKERi
Quest AT Brick
Quest AT Crossfire
Quest AT Oddysey True
Quest AT The Wheel
Quest Turbo Putt
RIP Grabboid
RIP Relic
Snap Disc Whittler
Vibram Ridge
Vibram Sole
Vibram Summit
Vibram VP
Westside Swan
Wham-O 86 Softie
Wham-O Touchline