NUDGA   June 22, 2011 at 3:10am

John Adams Parking

Brigham City has had complaints from the neighbors on 600 East about the parking. They would like us to use the big parking lot on the south side and start on hole 4 from now on. The funny thing is, I had suggested the same thing to them two years ago and they thought it was a bad idea. So please park over on the south side of John Adams from now on. And please don't throw discs into the guy's yard by hole 1. It is not hard to keep your shot well away from his yard. If you do throw your disc over there, knock on his door and politely ask if you can use his gate and get your disc. If people continue to trespass and retrieve their discs we will have to resort to a lame hole 1 and move the basket, (Booooooo!). So if you have to play it safe and lay up on that hole, please do so. Thanks NUDGA.