summit dga   July 29, 2010 at 7:32pm

Hudson Springs Disc Golf Scrambles

the scrambles are 10am and 6pm on tuesdays. there A and B pool designations based on your scores. if you can break par (54) you are an A player. then A players are paired with B players Randomly.
it is $5 and a optional $1 ace pool. $1 out of the five goes to the club the rest of the money gets payed out to 30% of the field. the more players there are, the more places get paid.
the morning averages about 10 players
the evening averages about 20 players
the ace pool is rolling until some one hits
morning is at $16
evening is at $70
as for club registration, yes you will be able to register after the aug. 22nd kick off. at any time with me or katie.