Motor City Chain Gang   March 23, 2012 at 6:55am

Guy Gravitt Big Arms Memorial Event this Sunday, March 25, 2012

This event is to honor the good times we were privileged to share with our friend Guy Gravitt.
Registration begins at 11 am at Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan.
Entry Fee is $20 per person.
1 round of 18 holes beginning around 12:15.
100% of the raffle and entry fee plus the two halves of the 50 / 50 goes to the Gravitt family.

The below discs were all donated.
The CE Firebird and CE Valkyrie were both Guys. Steve Sevonty provided us with them and they will be the last 2 prizes awarded in the raffle.

More discs are arriving every day and here is how we will pass out all of the donated prizes.
We will have a CTP and a Longest Putt contest on each of the 18 holes.
Each CTP and Longest Putt will be awarded one of the disc packages below minus the CE ones, 34 total.
We will not be awarding a CTP disc package on Hole 2 and Hole 13 as they will each be separate 50 / 50 CTP'$.
We will be holding a raffle for the extra donated discs and other prizes I dare not mention online ;-) !
We will also be awarding a disc for the lowest round of the day.
We will also be holding an Ace Pool.
And to honor Guy and his love for the Big Arms, we will be holding a Longest Drive competition!

Images of the donated discs can be seen here:

C'mon out Sunday and raise a toast with us to our good friend Guy.

Here’s a list of the donated discs so far:
1 CE Firebird
2 CE Valkyrie
3 Pre-Release 2011 Champion Ape
4 1st Run Z Nuke OS
5 2011 J-Bird RedWhiteBlue Cryztal Challenger
6 Gold Line Striker
7 ESP Flash Bell's Inspired Brewing
8 Echo Star Boss, Purple
9 2011 PDGA US Am DGC, Red Sparkle, Z Nuke
10 1st Run Star Stamp Champion SL
11 2011 Tim Selinski U.S. Masters DGC Champion Katana
12 Champion Tye Dye Eagle
13 Star Teebird Avery Jenkins Autographed
14 Star XCaliber Barry Schultz 3X Autographed
15 1st Run R-Pro Wahoo + Ching BOMB Driver
16 2012 PDGA Worlds Sparkled Champ TDevil
17 2011 J-Bird Players Series Midland Open Cryztal Buzzz
18 Wagner Revival 2003 Discraft Elite X Wasp #12 of 50
19 Glo Z Buzzz J Bird Series 2011
20 ESP Banger GT Tye Dye
21 2008 DG Worlds Ch. Destroyer autographed everyone
22 1995 Cobra
23 DGA Hurricane
24 2011 Star Archon
25 CE Leopard
26 3 Eric McCabe Buzzz SS's, 1 autographed
27 CFR Glow Firebird Stone Cold
28 2009 Z Force / 2011 Jbird Series JBOpen ESP Meteor
29 2011 Flip Open Ch TL / FTF Mich AM Open CH Fbird
30 2010 US Am Nationals Statue of Liberty Blue Buzzz
31 Nuke SS 1st Run and Glo DX Aviar
32 2009 FTFlyerz Open KC Pro Roc and 2012 Ice Bowl DX Wraith