Tully Disc Golf Club   September 22, 2009 at 3:55am

Saturday 9/26

We will be breaking ground for some new tee pads on Saturday 9/26 and volunteers would be greatly appreciated. There is plenty of work to be done so don't wory about "too many hands in the soup", if you show up ready to work there will be something to do. If you would like to do something specific contact Bill and let him know, otherwise just show up ready to go. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help, as always, course carma should be enough as far as compensation is concerned.

Also, planning for the Octoberfest party/tourny has begun. I am speculating Oct. 25 for this as long as it is acceptable for the majority. I am thinking about holding the BBQ at my house if there are no objections, this is open for disscusion. More news will come as details are worked out. There is a slight possibility that Tully Tags may be available by this time but we will see.
I will do my best to keep everyone informed of any new information as soon as it is definitive.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or questions regarding Octoberfest. Otherwise we will see you on Sat 9/26