2019 NorthRidge Sanctioned DGL (MA3-MA4)

April - July 2019 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of June 19

Next league day

Tuesday, June 25 @ 6:00pm
NorthRidge Church
Plymouth, MI
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/41645

About this League

Singles league - 20 all-time players - 15 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$6.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
This is an 18 week sanctioned singles league (divided into 2 season sessions) for MA3-MA4 players (MA1-MA2 a separate league). This is NOT a cash payout League, and MPO players will be playing as AM at their PDGA rating level. There will be a 1 time $10 league entry fee, $10 each week to play, $2 of this going towards the Ace Pool ($5 to play if you choose to opt out of the Ace Pool) and $3 50/50, half of which will go towards upkeep/maintenance of the course and prizes throughout the season (te ...
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League News

Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 21 at 1:50pm

Week 8

Back to NorthRidge tonight! 5:30 tee off. Course is still a little soggy in places, but overall not bad.(14’s long tee/fairway most likely the worst of it so may be teeing if forward right/left of box TBD). On a brighter note, back 9 has finally been mowed (with a couple improvements). See everyone tonight!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 14 at 12:53pm


Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that we will NOT be playing Northridge tonight. Instead, tee off will be 5:30 at Lakeshore/The Ponds in Ypsilanti. MA1-2 playing 1-18 longs, MA3-4 shorts. We will not be playing the lettered holes. See you tonight!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   May 10 at 12:00pm

Lakeshore this Tuesday

Hey everyone, I’ve been receiving concerns from a number of people about play on the NorthRidge course conditions due to so much rain recently. This Tuesday 5/14 we will be playing at Lakeshore/The Ponds, A: because the conditions here are probably better here than other courses in the area, and B: it’s a no cost for entry course. Tee off is still 5:30, meeting at the practice basket. Hope to see you all there!

Adam Sullivan   May 10 at 2:13pm

Yes!!! Love playing at Lake Shore!!

Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 22 at 1:48pm

Week 4

Howdy everyone! Once again, looking like another possible windy round tomorrow night. Rain most likely during the day as well so probably a bit muddy, so come prepared to get your feet wet. 5:30 tee off time, try and get here a little early, we'll be calling everyone in around 5:20 to tee of on time. See you then!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 16 at 10:22am

Week 3

Good morning gentlemen! Looks like we’re finally in for some decent weather tonight!! Low winds and a little rain only around noon. Don’t forget we’re teeing off at 5:30 starting tonight. See you there!


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 10 at 1:38pm

Week 2 results

Hey gang, another blustery round under our belts! Who knows, maybe one of these Tuesdays we may only have 10+ mph winds LOL
20 people this week (19 put in for Ace Pool) which bumps the Ace Pool up to $206 next week! Hot rounds were Ben S and Brian N (MA1-2) with 60 (+3) and Mark N and Nick C (MA3-4) with 58 (+2). Great throwing in that wind guys! CTPs went to Ben S (MA1-2) and Kevin V (MA3-4). Starting next week we will be bumping our tee times to 5:30 pm to give more people a chance to show. I ... more


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   April 5 at 1:42pm

Week 1 results

We’re baaaaaaaack! Hope everyhad a great off-season. NRC Course welcomes us back with its customary gusto (get it? windy.. GUSTo... never mind LOL) Lots of improvements to the course, it’s definitely a bit more challenging. Welcome to our 2 newest members Chris and Josh! Ok, on to the news. 16 players showed to start off the season, so with the rollover from last season + the increase this year the Ace Pool is at $130 already. I’m looking forward to that first payout this year! ... more