Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Chris T    September 7 at 8:45pm

List a orange beast at Green #5 not even 50 feet from the pad to the right in the tree/bushes.


Pad Jumper    September 7 at 6:37pm

A sad day. Lost a pink/purple Gstar Shryke on hole 15 blue (tried a roller but it went right into the bushes to the right of the teepad). Also lost a blue big Z Mantis on the right of blue 17's fairway. HMU if you find either.


Tommy Mullin    September 5 at 12:56am

Lost a green/yellow mvp shock on hole 12 left of the pin. Reward for return. Name and pdga# on the back.


Mike Handley    September 3 at 1:53am

Left orange mvp matrix with black rim hole 8 blue 60ft short of pin in a bush


Grant K    August 24 at 11:56am

Sorry for the delayed post on this, but two days ago my son and I grabbed two discs out of the swamp on hole 6 on the green course. No name and number on either. Name the disc and color and I'll get them back to you.

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Trevor Diehl   September 1 at 9:03pm

Grey Sinus w/ Bobby Musick stamp?

Grant K   September 1 at 9:43pm

Sorry Trevor. But we didn't find a Sinus.

Mike Handley   September 2 at 7:43pm

Yellow hampton stamp aviar3

Kevin Bernard    August 20 at 4:10pm

Lost a Yellow Star Vulcan in the bushes/tall grass on the left side of Hole one (long basket). no contact info. 8(

BLACK BART   August 22 at 9:57pm

Got a new one if you need a replacement; I play MCCG Monday’s

Kevin Bernard   August 23 at 1:24pm

Thanks, already replaced it. but the one i got is much more domey than the one i lost. it was supper flat.

Kristen Clauder    August 10 at 1:34pm

Lost a pink Discraft Nuke and a red MVP Catalyst last night on the blue course (holes 12&13 respectively, I think). The Catalyst was just signed by Sarah Hokum after DGLO and I’d really love to get it back. Both discs have my contact info on them.


Scott H    August 8 at 12:51am

Lost a brand new bright pink Star Beast on 17 green, pin high right about 10-15 feet into the rough. Short of the woodline...thick, nasty stuff. Looked for 15 minutes until the thorns made me bleed enough that I bailed. Ink on it. Please holler if found, thanks.

Nathan Blair   August 8 at 4:44pm

I'll probably be looking for mine there tonight so I'll let you know.. My legs bear witness to my interactions with those thorns

Brad Kujawa    August 4 at 1:48am

Lost a green Monster with a black marker wave drawn on it. it was hole 13 or 14 the newest basket move down the second sled hill. It landed down and to the left. No name on the disc, but will posted a phone number on here. 586-855-3821. Just played $16 for it off of ebay so would love it back!

Jay F   August 4 at 4:17am

Yeah that grass was brutal, lost a black teebird on my first throw with it.

Brad Kujawa   August 4 at 7:32am

Ahh sorry man! Hope I can get back in the AM and look. Keep an eye out for yours as well.

Jacob Czarnik    July 31 at 4:37pm

Lost an old champion beast on hole 16 of the north course today. It is either in the rough between the fairways of 16 and 2 but might have flown all the way by the long tee of 2.


Zac Zabolotny    July 31 at 12:29pm

Lost a light blue champ Sidewinder on the left side bushes of green course hole 11. Still fairly new disc, reward if returned!


Amanda Rappuhn    July 27 at 3:21am

Lost a GLO nuke swamp hole green course and a pink starburst Judge short hole 13, maybe. No name and number on Judge. Reward if returned.


Mike "Why" Yahner    July 23 at 1:44pm

lost a philo swirled star destroyer (has my number 44623 on it) pinkish center, blurple rim. Hole 11 blue north course, it was over a week ago. I had a kid or I would have posted sooner. it was my furthest flyer and main driver. berry missed, reward for return.


Scott Ransley    July 23 at 12:49am

Lost orange dx roc on green hole 2 left side and orange blizzard boss on green hole 8 left side.


Ryan Kelly    July 16 at 1:05am

My group lost a purple champ boss on hole 10 the down hill, right side of fairway. Found a few on the south course, name them


Jason Rasmussen    July 14 at 3:58am

Rough day on Green Course. All discs labeled with my name and 608 area code phone # on glow tape. Lost yellow GStar Valkyrie. Fell out of bag I believe. Lost Red Champion Valkyrie on basket 10 in the tall grass on the left bottom of the hill near the woods edge. Lost bright yellow Buzz on hole 18 on the right edge of the woods in tall grass. Found another disc on 18 no name or number Name the disc and color and I’d be happy to return. Thanks J


Pad Jumper    July 12 at 7:26pm

Lost my pink Stratus (again) on hole 13 blue (again), somewhere right of the basket. It's got my name, number and a drawing of Drake on it. If found please text me.

Darren Harper   July 13 at 2:56pm

If your ever interested I have 3 pink status for 10$ a piece.

ian hicks    July 8 at 9:20am

lost a white crank on hole one. Went to the right in the bushes if you find my name and number are on it.


Grant K    July 6 at 5:45pm

Found two discs today. One in the long grass on the right of hole two. The other one on the right of hole five. No names on either. Name the color and type and I'll get it back to you.

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Trenton Timlin   July 11 at 10:35pm

Dang Thanks

Mike Handley   September 3 at 1:51am

Orange cream color thrasher

Grant K   September 4 at 10:03am

Sorry Mike. I didn't find a thrasher.

Patrick Hood    July 2 at 3:34pm

Lost purple metal flake rumble colossus on hole 8 green left side. $$ reward


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