Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     3 courses · 54 holes     Driving directions
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steve nolff    1 hour ago

A3 CTP Extravaganza comes to Bandemer Thursday!!! Seriously, what a chance. 1st prize- 50 Custom Stamped Discs from Discraft!!! Your pick, your design. 2nd place- a GripEQ BX Buzzz Bag!! 3rd place- 100 buck shopping spree at CJ's Disc Golf Emporium. And much more. Check out the link below to find out the nights to come out to our leagues and steal one of these tokens.


The Throw Shop    21 hours ago

If you're interested in having another nearby course, super-challening and unique to this area- keep an eye out for work days and volunteer to lend a hand. There is MUCH work to be done at Sandra Richardson still. This new course has the potential to be epic, but will need help getting built and being maintained- help from local disc golfers.


Timmy Redman    2 days ago

Here we go! August 3rd! Mark it down on your calendar!! Chaaaaa!

Joshua Barnett   22 hours ago

cant wait!

steve nolff    5 days ago

Check out what A3 disc is up to. Our CTP Extravaganza has started in all three of our leagues. Some great prizes lined up for this season long event. Don't forget the Bill Gilbert Memorial and Summer Solstice tournaments this Saturday and Wednesday. Click to check out our Facebook page for even more info.


Joshua Barnett    June 11 at 1:29pm

lost a pink 2017 ledgestone open cryztal buzz. threw it into the thick stuff on hole 2 near the area of the path leading to hole 3. just bought it and wasnt sure i was going to bag it, so no name or number.

thanks for your help.


Dakota DeGroot    June 6 at 5:58am

Lost a U of M dyed S-line P2 on the left side of 15. Hit a tree and sailed left. Will dye you a disc of your choice if found and returned!!!

Raymond "CHIPP" Chippewa   June 6 at 12:30pm

Even if I want SPARTY on A disc? Lol

Dakota DeGroot   June 6 at 6:49pm

As much as it would pain me, I would do it. Lol Once you saw this disc you would see why I love it so much.

"J Bluntz" Quiton    June 5 at 12:26pm

I may have lost my grinder out here. It's a Santa Cruz shredder. Reward if found lol

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The Skipper   June 6 at 5:35pm

What's a grinder?

Shaun Adkins   June 7 at 9:47pm

it chops flower

The Skipper   June 7 at 11:55pm

Would it chop my nuts?

Ryan Van Wasshnova    June 5 at 11:55am

I lost a clear white Crush that has "orange" written next to Crush on hole 6 last Friday. My number may be faded but it would be gnarly to get that disc back. No questions asked.


Jacob Baumgardner    June 5 at 4:30am

All hail Foz! Lost a white tourney stamp glow rock, maybe hole 10 or 11. Name and number prob wore off or unreadable. Reward for return. Cough, cough.


Scott Ransley    June 4 at 1:48am

Lost yellow blizzard boss on hole 9 of the Meadows. Right side in the thick stuff 60 feet short of the basket.


Eric Dusten    June 1 at 8:59pm

How's the course Conditions with all this rain? Looking to play tomorrow morning

Eric Dusten   June 4 at 2:16am

It wasn't bad. Pretty great shape. Thanks for the input everyone. Good talk. Good use of discgolfscene forums..

Raymond "CHIPP" Chippewa    May 31 at 9:49pm

Was just wondering, I seen it say bag tags good for rolling and Indy. Does that mean good for Kingston too?

Eric K   June 1 at 12:52am

Rolling Hills and Indy are Washtenaw County Parks. Kensington, Hudson Mills, Willows, and some other (VanDyke and 23 Mile?) are Metroparks. Different agencies = different tags.

steve nolff   June 1 at 2:20am

Stony Creek. To add on to Eric's info, the park entry passes are also different investments.

Foz Miller    May 31 at 9:30pm

New Course @ Rolling Hills – Rolling Meadows – Last Basket going in June 1st.

I meet with some of the Washtenaw Park management today to answer questions about what else could be done to improve the Disc Golf Courses at Rolling Hills. They are considering a multi phase approach. Some items being considered:

• Additional 6 holes on existing course – Would make the course a 24 hole permanent course
• Upgrade all the original course baskets (Chainstar) to new to ... more

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steve nolff   June 3 at 1:42pm

If you are looking for feedback, I don't really see the need for basket upgrades. Chainstars are a fine, working basket. I understand they are perhaps not approved DGPT baskets, but plenty of tournaments are played on Chainstars. I would much rather see more holes, more amenities or increased park maintenance.

Nate Krumm   June 3 at 7:13pm

Foz, is the new 18 tough to navigate? Is there anything marking the tee pad area(s)?

Jacob Baumgardner   June 5 at 4:56am

My first suggestion for plans going forward would be to name the new course Miller Meadows. Thank you Foz, hope your other commitment brings as much joy to as many people as this one does!

Jp conway    May 17 at 6:28pm

Lost an esp glow zone 2 days ago, will say foz Miller. Please message me if found will give a reward


Foz Miller    May 16 at 5:24pm

New course - Rolling Meadows almost in....

The rough cut in, drainage mitigation and baskets are almost complete. I will be out the next two weeks trying to clean up and get all but the last two basket in place. Saturday June 1st we will have a short course wrap up and then lock in the last two basket and play the first full course round. Anyone who wants to help are welcome. No tools needed. Will move some brush piles and maybe dig a bit more on the water feature/ drainage mitigation and the ... more

Benjamin Pierce   May 16 at 6:30pm

Awesome! Thanks for all of your work Foz! What time on the 1st do you think you'll be starting?

Joe Anttila   May 17 at 2:23am

Awesome, Foz! I can’t wait to bring the kids down when school is out. Mnt Pingree is going to plan on a 4th of July League Celebration. BYOFireworks as always. Hope you can make it out this way! Lots love! PEACE

Ryan Van Wasshnova   June 5 at 4:55pm

More benches would be great but even just more chair height tree stumps to sit on would be much appreciated. The course gets backed up often and somewhere to sit while waiting makes a hot day more bearable.

Rolling Hills Park    April 30 at 12:01pm

Hey Disc Golfers,
On Friday, May 17, Rolling Hills will be hosting open play Glow Disc Golf for bag tag holders from 9-10:30pm (park gates will be locked at 10:45pm). There is no additional charge for this event, just some extra play time after hours for bag tag holders!


steve nolff    April 30 at 11:35am

Hey Disc Golfers

The 2019 A3Disc TWIZBEE Singles Travel League is starting up Thursday May 2nd.

Mary Beth Doyle, 18 holes (short tees)
Bandemer Park 18 holes (rotating tee combinations)
Rotating third week course selection. Some member voted, some league coordinator decision. The decisions and votes will be here on the Disc Golf Scene league the Sunday preceding the round.

Thursday at 5:30 PM
Registration at 4:45 PM

This is a singles, non-handicapped le ... more


steve nolff    April 25 at 8:31pm

At Hudson Mills, May 1st


steve nolff    April 25 at 8:24pm

One Disc Challenge Tournament presented by DISCRAFT

The Ann Arbor Area Disc Induced Sports Club (A3Disc) is an organization that promotes the sport of disc golf in the greater Washtenaw County Area. Full information is available on our website:

Membership Dues: $30.00
Member Pack:
1 -League Shirt
1 -One Disc
1 -Exclusive 20% Discount at CJ’s Party Store
1 -$5.00 Discount on PDGA Membership
1 -Access to all A3Disc Lea ... more


Jason Tackett    April 7 at 8:07pm

Found a disc in the lake when I was looking for mine. its a Axiom disc tell me what it looks like and its yours

Jason Tackett   April 7 at 8:09pm

and the model of the disc. no name on it

Cassidy Mayne   April 12 at 10:34pm

orange proton crave

Jason Tackett   April 13 at 1:11am

thats not it