NorthRidge Church

Plymouth, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Steve Ponce    3 days ago

Found a Buzzz in front of hole 6’s tee like 70 feet to the right. Must’ve fell out of someone’s bag. That or it was an absolute trash drive. Describe it to get it back.

Vincent Cocciolone   2 days ago


David Pugh    July 30 at 12:38am

Since sanctioned league is off for a week. We will be playing random dubs tomorrow at 6:00pm. Anyone welcome to join!


Douglas McIntosh    July 26 at 6:04pm

Sunday September 13th
The Wayne County Open

PDGA C-tier
$100 added cash for MPO
Custom stamp disc for AM player pack

2 rounds of 18 holes
1st round - Cass Benton
2nd round - NorthRdige

MPO, MA1, long tees both rounds
MA2 short cass, long NorthRidge
MA3, MA4 short tees both rounds

$5 ace pool
$5 50/50 CTP

There is a $5 day of fee if you do not pre-pay before the day of event


Alex Marshall    July 25 at 8:27pm

Lost a red jimmy Hendrix stamped rhyno in the reeds on hole 9. Cash reward. Thank you


mike kowalczyk    July 22 at 12:28am

Lost a kong on the long hole 5 I believe it is its purple with my stamped pdga and number it also has my buddies name and number on it would love to get this back it's in swampy area I believe went threw the gap by the next hole tee sign


- br33zy -    July 12 at 1:11am

Left a glow destroyer with a carley’s playground stamp on 18 Thursday night glowing.


Noah Moorehouse    July 10 at 4:36pm

Left a blue saint on the left side of the fairway/rough on hole 11 yesterday. One of my favorite/oldest discs would love to get it back. Reward if returned! Thanks

Brian Sweet   July 10 at 4:39pm

Damn I wish you would've said something last night. I would've stuck around and looked.

Sean Morgan    July 10 at 2:52am

Lost an orange flick (Turkey and Chains stamp) on hole 8 in the pond about 50 short of the pin and maybe 10 feet from the shore. Name and number are on it. Reward if returned. Thanks!


Monty Wonnacott    July 8 at 1:16am

Lost a whitish light weight hades on hole 1 just between the dirt mound and 18's fairway. Also lost a blue swirly cyclone in the tall stuff on left side of hole 2. Reward for both if found.

Zack Colosimo   July 8 at 3:11am


John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    July 8 at 12:40am

Found sack on 11. Name colors and I’ll get it back to you

Monty Wonnacott   July 8 at 1:54am

Black with the day of the dead skulls or a red Innova sport sack

Cameron Luchtel   July 14 at 3:18pm

Lat 64 orangish

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   July 17 at 1:49am

No sorry.

Douglas McIntosh    July 6 at 4:23pm

Tomorrow Tuesday July 7th - NorthRidge

Huron Valley Sanctioned Singles will be heading to Northridge for 1 1-18 long tees,

Anyone can play for $1 and get your round rated, no extra fees if your not a PDGA member or current, for those that want to play for cash we will have $5 MPO and MA2 divisions, also $2 Cash CTP & $2 Ace pool

$10 all-in

Tee off at @ 5:30pm ... more


Brett Piziali    July 5 at 11:10am

did anyone lose a Discraft Mid range at Cass Benton, one day before leagues here ??


Glenn Cole    July 1 at 3:16am

Pink photon?


Steve Ponce    June 29 at 12:57am

Found one on the right of hole 13 earlier today. I’m assuming it was from someone throwing from the long pad. Name it to claim it.

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Steve Ponce   June 29 at 2:26am

Naw man, sorry.

Dustin Courtney   June 29 at 5:13am

Possibly a red wave with infinite bomber stamp

Steve Ponce   June 29 at 3:01pm

No sir.

Paul R    June 24 at 3:40am

Lost red westside sword, red, white and blue colored innova and a new trespass on this course. Would provide reward for any found. Thanks.

Brian Sweet   June 24 at 3:00pm

What holes did you lose them on?

Paul R   June 24 at 5:10pm

18. Either the sword or the innova turned over and went by hole 16/17 area. Trespass and the last disc went in that Tall cattail mess on 18

Paul R   June 24 at 5:10pm

But all discs thrown from 18

Douglas McIntosh    June 22 at 7:50pm

Sunday July 12th

NorthRidge Open PDGA C-tier

$100 added cash
Discraft custom stamp Player Pack for Am's

2 rounds of 18 holes

MPO,MA1,MA2,MA40 - long tees both rounds

MA3, MA4,MA55, AM women - short tees both rounds

$5 Ace pool
$5 50/50 CTP

There is a $5 day of registration fee, for those that don't pay online in advance.


Ben Steskal    June 22 at 2:55pm

Pulled a disc out of the swamp by 5's basket. Let me know what it is and I can get it back to ya

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Glenn Cole   June 25 at 4:01am

Pink proton?

Glenn Cole   June 25 at 4:26am


Ben Steskal   June 25 at 3:51pm

no, sorry

Douglas McIntosh    June 21 at 1:32pm

Thursday night , I left my yellow Leopard3 on hole 10, it should have name and number on it


Cameron Luchtel    June 20 at 7:37pm

Found a disc no name/number off 11's left side. Name to claim

Dave Milewski   June 21 at 12:38pm

Red sparkle force?

Cameron Luchtel   June 21 at 3:16pm

Nope, sorry

Cameron Luchtel    June 19 at 1:21pm

Pulled a disc out of the shallows in 8 pond. No name or number. Name to claim

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Cameron Luchtel   June 19 at 6:01pm

Nope, sorry

Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   June 19 at 11:55pm

Orange Scepter?

Cameron Luchtel   June 20 at 7:36pm

No sorry