Mt. Airy Forest

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Theo C 67 - Regular tees, 18 holes

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mark Fages 79 - Regular tees, 18 holes "+25, 79."

Friday, June 5, 2020

Jeremy Ingle 70 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Very wet shoes, 10am game, start at #14"

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mark Fages 72 - Regular tees, 18 holes "+18 21-10-2"

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mark Fages 68 - Regular tees, 18 holes "+14, 6’s on 15 & 17 disappointing. Bad short miss on my first putt on #1. Overall, a good round for me. Beat The Icon."

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mark Fages 77 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Mike won."

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Brian Hyzertron Crouch, doubles with Floyd Hampp 42 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Only got 14 holes in because the sun was going down."

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Paul Kirian 69 - Regular tees, 20 holes

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Matthew Hull 70 - Regular tees, 20 holes "In an unexpected twist of fate, it was my round @ Mt. Airy Forest which saved me today. I played well @ Harbin but I felt that I really raised my game and put together a super clean round @ Airy to finish in a three way tie for 7th place (out of 37 players in my division)!! What's really cool is that I tied with a friend/co-worker of mine (Tim Watters) and a 12-year old prodigy (Dallin Tyre...he was on my card in Round 2) which I felt put me in some good company. In all seriousness, Dallin was a joy to play with and I just loved watching him drive (super smooth release) and putt (he made multiple 40-50 ft. putts). He inspired me and I embraced the challenge of keeping up with him! It was really cool! :) Another gentleman on my card (Jose) made the final round really enjoyable. I was blessed to play with some really fun, classy guys today which always helps. Regarding the round itself, we started on Hole #13 where I had a great Sword drive and immediately threw a mediocre Roach upshot (missed the putt). Two holes later I threw my Inertia upshot into right field (Falcon Servo forehand upshot salvaged the hole) and I was starting to really feel the pressure (I knew I had to play lights out to finish strong @ Airy.) I pulled myself together on #16 though. After a solid rainbow Champion Destroyer hyzer toss, I parked my Megasoft Shield and that throw might have gotten me going a bit. I played #17 cleanly then botched my Star Beast drive on #18 (turned and never came back) but my Falcon Servo forehand saved me again (didn't throw the Falcon a lot today but it saved me multiple times)! I darn near snagged a 3 on Hole #1 too! My Champion Destroyer and Vandal throws put me 25-30 ft. to the left the basket and I *just* missed my putt. Still though, that was a moral victory and my Sword hit a razor sharp line on #2 (left tree line). Even my Bengals Resistor got in on the action as I tossed it on #3 after a very mediocre C. Destroyer drive (threw it on a high hyzer line which worked). My Star Beast came through big time on #A and my Sword and Roach upshot on #4 gave me a VERY satisfying 3 there! I played Hole #5 incredibly well too although a little luck was involved. My Sword drive (risky I know!) came within inches of going OB (according to the spotter it went OB and then fell back in bounds) and my second Sword drive was awesome! I flubbed my Megasoft Shield upshot (a rare miss with my hottest upshot disc today) but I still had a chance to 4 the hole (hit the bottom lip on a 25 ft. putt). I made a few minor mistakes on the next few holes but rebounded with a solid finish. I love the way I played #11 (solid Sword drive and a risky Shield upshot where I went for the 2 but thankfully it sat) and I played #12 smart for a 3. It was a really fun round and I am proud of the way I played. It hasn't been a bad year when it comes to tournaments (3 Top 10 finishes and 2 Top 5 finishes!) I might even try to sign up for one or two more depending on things. In any case, the Flying Pig has quickly become one of my favorites. I do love this tournament! :)"

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Matthew Hull 77 - Regular tees, 20 holes "I can't lie...this one really stung. My friend Michael and I came out to Mt. Airy today for a bit of a tune-up before the Flying Pig this coming Saturday and we both SUCKED today. There's just no way around it. For me personally, I feel that it was a combination of playing one consecutive day too much, not being mentally committed, and just getting all sorts of bad luck along the way. There were moments where I would have a solid Sword drive or a superb Inertia upshot (#15) or a fantastic Shield upshot but I kept hitting the bottom lip on my putts, I also have some bad drives (#16 and 17), and I had two of the worst roll-aways you will EVER see. I had two promising long range putts on #11 and 16 and in both cases, my Roach either hit a slope or the bottom lip and rolled some 40-50 ft. down the hill(s). It was that sort of a day my friend. Somehow I managed to beat my friend by a few strokes but that's little consolation because we both laid an egg today. Oh well...better today than the tournament, right?"

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Matthew Hull 70 - Regular tees, 20 holes "I came back from the dead my friends. I came back from a disc golf grave. My 2019 Queen City Ams tournament started on Hole #15 and it certainly wasn't the dream start I was hoping for. My Blue Bomber Buzzz upshot on #15 was short and faded way too far and my Falcon Servo hit a straight line on #16...when I needed fade there. I played #1 poorly and #2 the same. It was rough! But then...I started to settle down and slowly figured out which discs were going to work for me today. My Trespass throw on 3A (difficult hole with its hills and unreal amount of trees to navigate) was smooth and went straight landing just short of the log (had a shot for an unreal deuce there which I unfortunately missed). I then went to my Westside Sword driver (a disc I brought along because of how hot it has been lately) on 3B (uphill hole with trees in the way) and it hit a superb flex line and landed a mere 25-30 ft. from the basket! I decided to go with the Sword again on 4...then on the dreaded Hole #5 where dreams get shattered every day. It hit an awesome line there too! I broke out my Star Roadrunner for the strong an-hyzer line and winded up getting a 5 there which is always a fantastic result! My Sword hit another solid line on #7, my Blue Bomber Buzzz throw on the very Ace-able Hole #8 (downhill 200 ft. hole) unfortunately faded too much, and a combination of Sword drives and a wonderful Star Roadrunner drive on #13 helped me to finish with a streak of pars! I did go with my Star Beast on #14 which was a mistake because I hadn't thrown it all round and it could have faded too much going OB. However, it mercifully hit a tree so I salvaged a three there. And Glo Roach was wonderful today on both upshots and putting. For some reason, my ultimate upshot disc (Megasoft Shield) just wasn't there for some reason but thankfully, my Roach hit the lines I needed to hit. I made all of my putts inside of 20 ft. too! No silly mistakes there! Lastly, my card was full of some fun characters too. AJ is a nice guy I met at the Flying Pig last year (he even wore the way cool Dri-fit shirt we got at that tourney) and there were two Kevin's on the card and we called one of them "Dr. K." He preferred that nickname and one guy even asked if it had anything to do with the soda pop (it didn't). I really liked Dr. K. In any case, I rallied and somehow won the card by two strokes (got a sweet ultimate frisbee for winning the card too). And I found myself in the hunt for a Top 5-10 finish too! Could I sustain this and put together another solid round?"
Matthew Hull 69 - Regular tees, 20 holes "Two rounds @ Mt. Airy in one day is difficult enough but in a tournament setting? Super tough! This is especially the case on a warm 85 degree day with lots of humidity. The wind picked up slightly at times but I don't feel like it hurt me at all. If anything I feel that I read it well and that it even helped my cause on a few holes! We started on Hole #14 and I immediately went to my Westside Sword which had a bit more turn than I wanted yet somehow got through the tree branches/brush to land pin high! I was relieved because I didn't feel like it made it through the junk. ;) I adjusted on #15 (after last round) and went back to my Vandal for my 260 ft. upshot and I kid you darn near went into the basket just like in the Trilogy Challenge! Thankfully, it landed close enough to where I could make a 20 ft. putt but that throw really helped my confidence! My Neutron Envy upshot on #16 (after a solid rainbow Champion Destroyer hyzer throw...that disc was a huge player in today's tournament as well) was wonderful (landed 10 ft. past the basket) and things were going perfectly...unless my Star Beast upshot (after a great Star Beast drive) turned and did NOT fade. I had the worst possible lie deep in the brush/bushes/trees/thorns so I navigated that and ate the 5 there. However, I came back on #18 and nailed the line I wanted with my Trespass landing on the hill to the right of the basket. The footing on any hill can be tricky but I nailed my putt for my sole deuce of the day! Unfortuately, I made some silly mistakes on #1 (three putted due to my poor decision making), #2 (my sole missed putt inside of 15-20 ft.), and #3 (Shield upshot landed WAY short) but I rebounded with another nice Trespass drive on 3A (crazy good kick/skip on the hill) and Sword drive on 3B. And once again, my Sword hit a perfect line on the super tough Hole #5! I once again navigating that hole beautifully and snagged yet another 5 there! My Sword drive on #6 was even better than round 1! Unfortunately, my Shield upshot went way long on #7 and my Gatekeeper went OB on #8 but I hung in there. I was actually three strokes behind the card leader with four holes to play and I rallied in a huge way! It started with an awesome Vandal flex throw on #10 (landed maybe 25-30 ft. from the basket...I just missed making that putt), one of my finest Sword drives on the day on #11 (another flex throw), and another incredible Sword drive on #12 (landed 20-25 ft. from the 300 ft. long basket). I then went Star Roadrunner on the final hole (#13) followed up by a solid Glo Roach upshot. It wasn't pretty but my final Roach putt of the day just barely managed to clang into the right side of the basket! I made up the difference and winded up winning my card by one stroke and finishing in 4th place for the tournament! It was SO satisfying to pull off a comeback like that and to win another Prodigy disc (just like last year!) along with nearly $80 in Nati Doh (which I can spend at the Mt. Airy disc golf store). I really battled and even though I made 8-10 mistakes I wish I had back, I am proud of my resilience today. I could have thrown in the towel a few times but I refused to do that. I will remember this comeback for a long time too. Whoo-hoo! :)"

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Matthew Hull 65 - Regular tees, 18 holes "For the second consecutive year, I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the Trilogy Challenge! Unlike last year when I played @ Belmont Park, this year I decided to enjoy this fun tourney @ Mt. Airy Forest and my friend Michael Sparks even came and played alongside me which was cool. I hadn't played at Mt. Airy all year but there is a first time for everything, right? And for the most part, I played a solid round. Even though I darn near lost my Vandal while practicing on Hole #14 (sailed to the right over trees/bushes and I looked until the tournament STARTED before coming across a group who found it), it was a huge part of this round and I'm just grateful that I got to play with the dang thing! The Gatekeeper isn't a disc I used often but I love throwing it and it feels a LOT like the Buzzz. And while using a foreign putter was a scary thought, the Keystone really came through for me aside from being a bit glide-y and rolling/skipping more than I wanted. My throws of the day might have been on #15 too. I threw my Vandal well to the left of the center fairway and it glided to the right before settling just to the left of the tree/forest line on the right side of said fairway. My upshot was something else though. It felt smooth and my Vandal turned and faded beautifully before skipping on top of the basket! That would have been SOME deuce but I'll take the 3 there! I played the dreaded Hole #5 very well too. I went with the Vandal for my main drive and second throw before using the Gatekeeper then the Keystone. It was a nice 5! I made a handful of good 15-20 ft. putts too which was something that concerned me going into the tournament. Unfortunately, I got ROBBED on Hole #7 when my perfectly placed putt hit the sweet spot of the chains and went right through them and landed on the ground. It was infuriating! My Gatekeeper faded a LOT on my Hole #8 drive which was disappointing too. And that putt hit the very top of the bottom lip of the basket! A few breaks just didn't quite go my way but it was still great fun. I winded up tying for 5th place and narrowly finished second on a CTP tiebreaker (three of us tied for 5th). It was a good time and I feel good about the way I played. Hopefully this experience will help for the Queen City Ams next weekend!"

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Keegan Maxwell 75 - Regular tees, 20 holes "First round playing, my skill level was definitely not up to snuff for this course yet. I look forward to playing here again."

Monday, October 22, 2018

Robert Shepherd 64 - Regular tees, 18 holes

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Neal Leathers 67 - Regular tees, 20 holes

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Matthew Hull 66 - Regular tees, 18 holes "It was a beautiful day for disc golf and this simple 18 hole round/tournament was a lot of fun! I played with my friends Jon and Jason (a guy named Josh joined us too...he was cool) and we all had our moments for sure. Essentially, you choose either a Buzzz or a Roc (I went with Team Buzzz.) and that is the ONLY disc you can throw for the entire round. Considering that fact as well as that this was at Mt. Airy Forest, I was pretty happy with my round overall. We started on Hole #1 and right away, the Buzzz flew really well for me. It found a super sweet line on #3 and I actually played superb on #5 with it as well (continuing my amazing streak of consecutive tournament rounds with getting a solid 5 on that brutal hole). I love the way I played #10 and my throw of the day was a 280 ft. drive on #14 (with a little help from the wind) that was parked within 5 ft. of the basket! I also played well on #16 although I had a tough time with #15 (bad drive to the right) and #17 (just a tough hole overall...none of us did better than 4). I didn't win anything (I think only the #1 Buzzz and Roc players got anything.) but it was great fun. The Long Drive and Accuracy Contests were a blast though (you had to throw through hula-hoops and try to hit baskets and the pyramid of baskets of course...I missed them all unfortunately)."

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Matthew Hull 81 - Flying Pig, 22 holes "Well, I did my very best and gave all that I had but unfortunately, I just didn't have the great drives or the solid putts that I needed to put together a complete round @ Mt. Airy. My putting just really went down the drain as I missed probably 3-5 inside of 20 ft. which was really disappointing. You know how it miss one or two and you start to think about it a bit. My upshots with the Shield and Roach were very solid though and that's what enabled me to at least salvage a Top 5 finish in the Rec division (I tied for 5th actually.). And once again, I played Hole #5 very well with a Sword drive, Sting/Patrol/Roach upshots, and a tap in for 5 which won me the hole! I had a superb upshot on #3 with the Angry Sun Verdict disc (which I threw a couple of times today actually...I think I will like that super overstable mid) and I finished the final hole of the day #16 with a REALLY nice 3 as my Falcon Servo drive and Neutron Envy upshot hit the mark and gave me a tap-in putt. So that was nice. I was with a good group too as my friend Danny tied for first and Tyler (who was on my first card as well) winded up winning the tiebreaker in his first tournament ever which was amazing for sure. It was really cool to be on the lead card and we had a good time. It was a memorable day for sure. :)"

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Matthew Hull 72 - Regular tees, 20 holes "Other than *completely* flubbing Hole #1 (don't ask...I basically sucked on every throw here...ha, ha) and screwed up on #4 for a lame 5, I actually put together a pretty solid round. I didn't really "feel" it today but I still managed to putt well enough with the Roach and have decent drives. I did have a superb Star Tern drive on 3A (had a rare shot at birdie), I played #5 nearly identical to the Queen City Ams tournament (even threw my Sword for a near perfect upshot), and I snagged a nice birdie on #8 with my Cottonwood Buzzz. Speaking of #8, I came *SO* close to acing this hole as my Buzzz hit the absolute top part of the bottom lip and refused to go in! It was rejected. Lol. I actually came across a couple of cool guys who throw everything tomahawk-style (Jake and Andrew were their names.) and we had a great time over the last 6-7 holes. I did have a few bad putts late (rimmed out my putt on #18 from 15 ft. away) but it was still a good time."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Matthew Hull 75 - Regular tees, 20 holes "Game on, Mt. Airy! This is a day I will always remember thanks to the beautiful (albeit 88 degrees warm and super humid) weather, the cool people I got to share a couple of cards with, and the good, bad, and ugly performances I gave (and I had plenty of ALL of them to go Contrary to previous tournaments where I had a dreamlike start and faded late, the opposite was actually true today as we started on Hole #13 and I was stuck in the mud until reaching Hole #1 funny enough. The throw that might have gotten me going, however, was my Orion drive on Hole #2 that split the gap perfectly (left gap) and crossed the road enough to give me a great shot at my first 3 of the day. I also had my best personal drive EVER on #3B as my Star Roadrunner threaded the needle and was high enough to land in a spot that gave me a legitimate birdie shot (which unfortunately I missed). The Star Roadrunner would be HUGE for me today as there are countless holes @ Mt. Airy that require either a superb forehand throw or a massive anhyzer toss. Hole #5, which is one of the most soul-crushing holes in existence, was where I might have shined the most amazingly enough! My Star Roadrunner, Sting, and Patrol teamed up and gave me an easy 5 which is a MAJOR accomplishment at least for me! I also played #6 perfectly as my Captain (another driver I leaned on heavily) hit the line twice and gave me easy 3's both times. Unfortunately, I played the easiest hole on the course (the 230 ft. downhill Hole #8) poorly as my Neutron Envy throw went OB to the right and simply wouldn't fade nearly enough (contrary to practice where I parked the usually reliable putter) to give me a nasty 4. My Orion closed out the round in superb fashion as it hit the most beautiful line on #12, however. It wasn't spectacular but it was a good enough round to give me a shot at the Top 10!"
Matthew Hull 74 - Regular tees, 20 holes "Despite it being a mere one stroke difference, I honestly felt like I played better during the second round today! This is *amazing* considering how hot it was outside at this point but I was NOT going to be denied. Not today! It wasn't earth-shattering but it was good enough to win my card (and get a free Prodigy disc!) and put me in a three way tie for 9th place in my division (9th out of 37 players is by far the best finish I have far) which I'll take considering that I probably played my B+ game today. I gave absolutely everything I had though! What I did on Hole #5 is something I will treasure forever! I threw my Star Roadrunner once more and it drifted to the right a bit but faded hard and landed OB which can be devastating on this hole. However, I threw two of the best Sword throws of my LIFE and winded up having a virtual tap-in for 5! I essentially gave a 4 on one of the toughest holes known to man! What a confidence builder that is! :) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one single deuce today (obscene considering how Hole #8 is not only a great place to snag one but an ace shot to boot) so I definitely have something to shoot for next time! My Captain hit a superb line on #14 while my upshot on #15 (Pikachu Pro Boss I THINK...can't quite remember!) was absolutely superb giving me a wonderful 3 on a tough hole. My putting was honestly next to non-existent today (made maybe 1 or 2 putts outside of 20 ft.) but thankfully, my upshot was, for the most part (when I wasn't hitting freaking TREES) my saving grace. Lastly, I just want to chronicle how cool both cards were today. I met some really cool disc golfers and they made the experience so enjoyable! And my good friends Jon and Jason both finished literally one stroke ahead of me in a tie for 7th so all of us making the Top 10 is way cool for sure! I have improvements to make but at the same time, this tournament was a real win for me! I walked away with a sweet players pack, a disc I won for taking my card, and $63 in Nati cash I look forward to using! What's not to love? ;)"

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Matthew Hull 71 - Regular tees, 20 holes "Funny enough, I winded up with the exact same score as the other day @ Mt. Airy! I KNOW that I can do better than this too. I actually played most of the round with a nice chill guy named Scott who is also in tomorrow's tournament! Back to the round, my Captain, Star Teebird, Falcon Servo, and Orion felt sharp and my upshot was, for the most part, very solid. My Star Teebird hit a sweet line on #8 and landed just 10 ft. in front of the basket while my Star Tern nailed #3A and gave me a legitimate birdie try there! I snagged yet another deuce on #14 after a superb Captain drive. And the dreaded Hole #5? My Star Roadrunner landed 2-3 ft. inbounds (WAY too close for comfort) while my upshots with the Sting and Patrol were very good. The problem was the way I played #1-4 along with the last few holes. If I can clean that up, a couple of rounds in the mid-60s tomorrow are absolutely possible. That's my goal...mid-60s. It's ON Mt. Airy Forest! :)"

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Matthew Hull 71 - Regular tees, 20 holes "I finally made it out to Mt. Airy and got in a really solid practice run before this Sunday's tournament! It was hot as HECK (90 degrees and super humid) but I felt prepared and made the most of my time. I definitely need to calm down on my drives and just locate better (e.g. hit trees on #2, #3, and #3A that I should have easily dodged) but my upshot and putting game was fantastic! I had a superb 40 ft. putt with my Electron Envy on #14 for my lone deuce of the day and my Captain hit some excellent lines (loving that disc more and more...reminds me of my Champion Katana). My Champion Destroyer hit the hyzer lines well and should be dependable for those types of throws while my Neutron Envy upshot parked on #4 and even a sidearm Sting throw of all things parked by the #11 basket after having a tough lie there. I would love to get in just one more practice round but we'll have to see. The heat wave is BRUTAL right now."

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Matthew Hull, doubles 55 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a memorable round this was! I got paired up with a cool guy named Russ and we had a pretty good round overall. We took most of his drives and putting was really on today so I chipped in there mostly. However, what I will always remember is 10-15 minutes involving holes #8 and 9. The Ace Fund was nearly $1,500 so everyone was gunning for it like CRAZY. Russ' drive on #8 was very close but wide left while mine came close but landed 8-10 ft. short of the basket (235 ft. downhill hole). After finishing the hole, one guy threw a pretty bad drive and some stranger that we thought might have seen it said "Maybe not!" when asked if it stayed out of the forested area. I don't why but the way he said it was hilarious! Anyway, after throwing our drives on #9, we started to walk up the hill when someone on #8 yelled something and I literally caught the final 50 ft. or so of a disc's flight path and...CHAINS! One guy in the group behind us aced the hole and ALL FOUR guys in that group were jumping and running down the hill yelling. It was something I will never forget either. Obviously, it would have been amazing to do it myself but you can't help but be happy for the guy who aced the hole. It was a memorable time for sure. :)"

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Matthew Hull 63 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I had to return/trade-in some discs this afternoon at the Nati Shop so naturally, a round @ Mt. Airy ensued! ;) Despite some shoddy putting (and even approach shots) at times, I still felt pretty good about the way I played. I actually threw a heavy dose of my Westside Sword and got that right turn I needed so desperately at Mt. Airy (the course was designed by a lefty I SWEAR) and my Champion Katana/Pikachu Pro Boss were up for the challenge as well. I definitely should have played better on #8 and 14. I actually practiced on #14 afterwards and 2'd the hole multiple times. It's a fun ace run too (285 ft. behind some trees where a good strong hyzer finish is needed). My best hole was probably #13 as I threw my Sword then followed it up with a sensational Comet throw to snag a 3 there (I got my legendary 2 there last time when the basket was in the short position.)"

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Timothy Driscoll 59 - Long Pins, 18 holes

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dustin Pratt 65 - Long Pins, 18 holes

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Matthew Hull 61 - Regular tees, 18 holes "This is by far the best round I have *ever* played at Mt. Airy!! It's weird because I don't feel like I played my best today but I did manage to avoid making big mistakes which has been a real problem for me in the past. It was just under 40 degrees and quite windy too which usually guarantees that I will have a sub-par round. Not today apparently! The highlight was without a doubt Hole #13! This hole is simply not for a RHBH player but I somehow got a deuce on it anyway! I went with the risky hyzer bomb (with my Pikachu Pro Boss), managed to get through ALL of the trees, and then I threw the Reko from about 60+ feet out with tree branches in the way and nailed the chains! In all seriousness, I felt nearly as excited about this birdie as snagging an felt that special! The Reko was hot today (it seems to be my go-to putter in cold and windy weather) and my approach game felt on throughout. I didn't really have to do anything extraordinary (other than my #13 performance). Granted, the pins are mostly in the short to medium position but still...many holes were in the regular position too. The only real hiccup was on #17 (my second throw with the Trace of Hearts cost me dearly as it hit a tree branch and came to a nasty lie)."

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Matthew Hull 70 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Despite the wet/soggy conditions, I was able to have a few impressive moments at this tough-as-nails course. I played #8 perfectly (thank you Pro Wraith!) and had a few decent putts which helped. The fall colors and early morning atmosphere was really enjoyable too! Btw, this score should reflect a +12 round because that is the position of the holes presently (related to par)."

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Matthew Hull 72 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Considering that I lost my Nuke S.S. disc in the darkness and came back to the park at sunrise to find the disc/finish my round, I'll take a 72! Ha, ha... I had a decent stretch on the back nine but once again, a few holes (#16 mainly) really bit me in the butt!"