Kensington Metropark - Toboggan Course

Milford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Michael Benfield Sr.    July 6 at 1:00pm

Does anyone know if the course will still be open until this Friday 7/12? I will be in the area and would love to play this before it is taken down. Thanks!

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Michael Benfield Sr.   July 9 at 1:14pm

I just called the park and they said it is in the process of coming down.

Jake Klapko   July 12 at 8:26pm

were you able to play? i might try to go out there this weekend

Michael Benfield Sr.   July 25 at 5:56pm

Sorry for the late response but they closed it before I got out there. Plus the weather cancelled my trip.

ken "sega salt" moote    July 1 at 9:29pm

Lost on right side early a red star destroyer no name i think but has blue stamp .worth a shot


Brian Hyzertron Crouch    July 1 at 2:59am

Lost a blue Orbital on the left side of hole 7 about half way up the fairway about even with the pine tree in the fairway. Name and number on it

Ryan Kelly   July 1 at 3:06am

Blue star boss? In the same spot

Matt Bates    July 1 at 1:27am

Lost a silver TI Crank on right side of hole 3. Name and number on it.


Trevor "Doppler" Dixon    July 1 at 1:09am

My buddy lost a blue FR flash on hold 12, he was borrowing it from me. Don’t think I had my name on it. Mistakes were made


Jeffrey Grzywinski    June 28 at 10:05pm

Found a yellow disc in the rough left side of hole 7. Name the disc and I'll get it back into your possession !!!!

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Kevin Jenks   June 29 at 7:17pm

Star Vulcan. I lost it on 3

Ryan Kelly   June 29 at 8:14pm

My name and pdga are inked on it

- br33zy -   July 8 at 6:12pm

Star Rodrunner

Amanda Rappuhn    June 28 at 12:53am

Lost Pink Boss, and dark blue Epic no name and number. Highlighter yellow Beast stamp faded and a pink Judge name and number on both of those. Cannot remember holes. TY


Jeff Novak    June 26 at 7:35pm

I lost an orange Gstar Shryke on hole 1. It broke to the right after the trees. Name and number on it. Thanks

Josh Beach   June 28 at 8:30pm

Join the Lost & Found discs in SouthEast MI group on Facebook & post there as well! Tons of discs posted there too

Craig C    June 26 at 7:02pm

Lost a couple on Hole 2 yesterday -- a pink top and bottom stamped Destroyer and a purple star Leopard. Reward if found.

Josh Beach   June 28 at 8:30pm

Join the Lost & Found discs in SouthEast MI group on Facebook & post there as well! Tons of discs posted there too

Mike Walker    June 26 at 12:05pm

Lost a faded pink destroyer on 2 .2nd shot.right side.maybe half way up hill.

Mike Walker   June 30 at 3:17pm

Ty to the person,brian i think,that found it and turned it in.

Samantha Yanssens    June 24 at 1:57pm

Yellow Trespass and a pink Renegade both lost on Hole 15. Reward for both.


Brett Hudy    June 24 at 1:48am

Lost a white, orange and blue Vibram Trak on the right side of hole 3. Name and number is on the backside inner rim. Please text me if you find it. Thanks.


Jeremy Matson    June 24 at 1:38am

List gstar Thunderbird on hole 7 right side in line with the tree on the fairway.


- br33zy -    June 23 at 2:49am

Wife lost a pfn roadrunner on 6 and I lost a glow destroyer with a bad ass dancing bear dye from dyebyfooch on 14.


Steven Trapp    June 22 at 7:02pm

Lost a white with red rim axiom wrath on hole 14. Name and pdga number on it. Please let me know!


Ryan Kelly    June 22 at 3:40am

Lost a blue star boss left rough on 7. Has my ink on it.
Lost a grey discraft kong way right on 12
Reward for both.


ken "sega salt" moote    June 19 at 8:12pm

Lost white kc roc 11 time with red stamp .hole 1 on right I assume near basket or little short. Reward for return.


Troy G.    June 19 at 2:50am

Lost an orange elite z surge ss left side rough on hole 7. No name or number on it. Please reply if you find it.


Adam Wolf    June 18 at 11:04pm

Toboggan, lost many discs in my group. We are looking for a blue trespass, a blue Heat, and a Yellow Enforcer all on hole 14. Then we lost a yellow tracker on hole 8. And finally a yellow raptor on hole 15. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ben Jackson    June 18 at 9:20pm

Toboggan. Lost team Stony eagle stamped dayglo yellow/green Destroyer. Right side hole 3 forehand drive from tee. My Info on bottom. $Reward for return.


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