Kensington Metropark - Toboggan Course

Milford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Rob Dahmen    October 1 at 2:07pm
DGLO returns to the DGPT July 5-7!


Adam Couture    July 9 at 10:57am

Any chance this is still in the ground a week from Thursday? Assuming not, but worth an ask.

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Mark Stephens   July 10 at 6:47pm

I just saw video on Instagram of Discraft pulling the course out.

Adam Couture   July 11 at 10:56am

Figured it was a long shot. But at least there's the permanent courses there and Hudson Mills on my journey so I'm okay with that.

John Minicuci   July 11 at 5:40pm

Baskets are pulled. Tee Pads are in the process. I updated the About section to reflect this:

Ben Taylor    July 8 at 2:42pm

Lost a Roadrunner way left on 12, believe it has name/# on it...


Shaun Adkins    July 6 at 3:06am

I found a yellow discmania with "Ashley" written on it on hole 9 Wednesday afternoon.


Zach Heerema    July 5 at 3:36am

Still looking for an orange burst ballista pro lost on the right side of hole 3 from a few weeks back. Anyone turn one in?

John Minicuci   July 5 at 3:39am

You might want to check with the Kensington Metroparks. They have a stack of returned plastic from the Pay-to-Play.

Zach Heerema   July 5 at 4:42pm

Do you know the number? Ive tried looking it up but idk if i was looking at the right page

Nick Pacific   July 5 at 5:54pm

I had a disc stolen from the lost and found booth that clearly had my ink all over it. I have heard others have had this happen as well. Might want to act fast.

Ben VanSumeren    July 3 at 10:15pm

Lost a White s line PD2 on right side of hole 3.


Jeff Bauman    July 1 at 10:17pm

Found someone’s putter near 18’s basket Saturday.


Ben Jackson    July 1 at 12:06am

Found Pink Innova Shark, and Green Innova Krait on hole 3 right side today. Honor system, if it's your's let me know.
Note after tomorrow, the lost and found discs in the booth will be likely at the park office (that's what the booth guy said)


Russ Murer    June 30 at 2:50pm

Lost orange nuke ss on right side of 10. Visibly stuck in tall viney tree. Would love it back


Tyler Dillon    June 28 at 10:30pm

Orange Torrent lost on the right side of 3. My name is on the back.


Tyler Dillon    June 28 at 2:09am

Found a red west side Disc with FORTUNA on the back. Hole 16

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Shaun Adkins   June 28 at 2:32am

Solid guess

Jacob Turner   June 28 at 2:53pm

Yeah we lost that on tuesday, Zak Fortuna

Tyler Dillon   June 28 at 3:15pm

Gotcha. Well I have it. The booth was closed and I’ve been hearing about people taking discs that weren’t theirs so message me yours or his number and we will figure it out

Tyler Dillon    June 28 at 2:01am

Lost A Blue Star Destroyer Paul McBeth stamp on hole 10 in the left trees just short of the main fairway.

Tyler Dillon   June 28 at 2:04am

Correction. It was HOLE 8

Christian Doman   June 29 at 3:19am

I found this thursday morning. I am going back friday morning, and i will drop it at the booth.

Tyler Dillon   June 29 at 12:51pm

Thank you so much! Will you please let them know I will be there to get it later today? I’ve heard a few stories of people snagging discs that aren’t theirs from the booth lately!

Bradley Yarbrough    June 27 at 6:35pm

Lost a lime green aj destroyer with a tournament stamp that is worn out. If anyone finds it and returns it to me I will give them some plastic or cash. Thanks guys


John Minicuci    June 27 at 3:18am

As the Great Lakes Open Pro and Amateur events draws near, so does the end of open play at the Toboggan. This will be the last week to play the famous Toboggan Disc Golf Course until 2019, unless you are playing the Discraft Great Lakes Open as a pro. The course will close Sunday, July 1st as it begins its trasnformation to the Pro event. Get out there and play the course as much as you can this week!!! Show the Metroparks how much you love this course and maybe we can have it open longer next y ... more

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Ronny Schuster   June 28 at 9:19pm

Beautiful. Thank you for the reply. I would be honored.

Wade TF   June 30 at 9:29pm

Thank you John

John Minicuci   June 30 at 11:08pm

You are welcome. Update after today: FPO teepads 2, 4, and 7 had slag added to them. Michael Frame-O and I got them looking pretty sweet. Hopefully tomorrow we can have the slag brought to the other 7 so they can be prepared as well. The current status / concensus from people out there today is only a few of the USADGC 18 need some attention so we will address those tomorrow as well.

Jarret Smith    June 24 at 7:13pm

Lost an orange 12x wraith on 14. Sawed off into the bushes on the left. Money if returned. Says Jarret S. On bottom.


Jeff Novak    June 24 at 2:23pm

Dre 313 your factory2nd Disc is at the booth


Zach Heerema    June 23 at 10:10pm

Does anyone know how tp contact the course and check if lost discs have.
Been turned in?

Art Liptow   June 23 at 11:53pm

Just go up to the booth and ask or try to call the main park office and ask to be directed.

Mark Jankowski    June 21 at 6:15pm

Lost an orange champ Valk on hole 9. Left side of fairway maybe five feet in. Name and number on back. Friend lost a purple and brown swirly star on DDX far right on hole 3 . $$$

Nick Stinedurf   June 22 at 2:11pm

Found an old orange champ Valk on the course with no name but had a number last Friday. It’s up at the trailer/booth.

Mark Jankowski   June 22 at 2:43pm

Lost this one yesterday. Thanks though

Patrick Hood    June 19, 2018 at 11:05pm

Lost 2 colossus’s 1 is a Las Vegas challenge maroon red hole 3 and the other is maroon red champion plastic. Please please please get it back $$$$

Shawn Herbert   June 20, 2018 at 1:44am


Ron Jacobs TBS   June 21 at 5:29pm

Maroon red is a horrible color

Mark Jankowski   June 21 at 7:08pm

I think my friend found it today. PM me

Matt Warren    June 16, 2018 at 9:10pm

Lost red neutron relativity on right side of 3. PDGA #81899 on bottom.


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