Kensington Metropark - Toboggan Course

Milford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Bob Anderson    August 4 at 10:13pm

Any word on if the baskets are still in??

Travis Holpuch   August 4 at 10:20pm

They’re out

Jeff Doran   August 4 at 11:38pm

The guy at the booth at Black Locust said the course is closed.

Bob Anderson   August 4 at 11:49pm

What a bummer thanks

David Elias    August 1 at 2:23am

Are the baskets pulled yet? Might go check it out tomorrow...

Christopher Ridler   August 2 at 8:46pm

David were the baskets still there? We’re thinking about playing tomorrow.

David Elias   August 3 at 12:25am

Chris didnt end up going. Someone on reddit said they saw basket for 2 was pulled

Kary Marz    July 30 at 6:49pm

I was able to get on today, not many on the course. Lost a white Archangel to the left on one and a blue tesla on 14

Chris Laity   July 30 at 7:21pm

Aren't the baskets gone?

Brendan Livingston   July 30 at 8:58pm

Hmmm. Gonna get a round in at 8am tomorrow, playing with Bobbo, Laity come on up. Are baskets still in ?

Kary Marz   July 30 at 9:56pm

Yea they were in earlier today around noon

chris robinson    July 29 at 2:55pm

Did they pull the baskets

kyle d.   July 29 at 10:28pm

still in there.. for now

Noah Moorehouse    July 26 at 4:17pm

Will toboggan be open for play tomorrow?

Jacob Stahl   July 26 at 5:31pm

It sounds like the course will be closed after the event

Noah Moorehouse   July 26 at 5:37pm


Darren Harper    July 25 at 3:45am

Need one more for tommorow morn at toboggen ,5$ a man 1 pm. Thanks.

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T Pills   July 26 at 6:50am

Sorry, I didn't realize this was a couple of old guys trolling people. I'll be there at 1.

Darren Harper   July 26 at 2:25pm

Thanks t phils

Chris Mulka    July 23 at 4:24pm

Are spectators allowed at the GLO tournament at Toboggan?

Steve Nolff A3   July 23 at 4:29pm

No spectators are allowed this year, Chris.

Darren Harper    July 22 at 12:17am

Trying to get a 4 some for sat morning at the toboggen message me if you want to play.

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Jake Schneider   July 22 at 3:35am

C'mon D, that one is as old as my grandpa's buckskin condom, lol. Sorry... :o)

Art Liptow   July 24 at 4:09pm

Dglo is going on this weekend. Course is closed to public.

Darren Harper   July 26 at 10:49pm

What is the dglo ?

Thomas Szpond    July 18 at 12:46am

Was on the course today and happened to run into pro Matt Bell, who gave me some great pointers on my game. Thanks Matt! Best of luck next week!


Jason Green    July 17 at 1:42am

Lost a yellow D2 on the right of hole 3, and a white D2 on the right side rough of hole 17. Would appreciate their return


Brian Schoening    July 15 at 1:07pm

Lost a yellow star destroyer on hole 8. It was slightly turned over, but may have gotten stable at the end. Name and number on bottom. Would love to get this one back.


Joe Baley    July 9 at 4:52am

Does Toboggan stay open after DGLO at all? I can't make it to the area until August

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Art Liptow   July 24 at 4:10pm

Thank you for clarification on this!

Mark Stephens   July 25 at 12:42am

Verified. It will be removed shortly after the event.

Steve Nolff A3   July 25 at 2:41am

Thanks Mark!

Marcos Aguilera    July 4 at 12:57am

Lost red/pink destroyer on right side on hole 3


Scott H    July 3 at 6:04pm

Light blue star Thunderbird w ink lost on 3a went in left right around / over the short tee and in front of one of the last 3 tall trees before it opens up. Buddy lost white star leopard on right side about as far down, maybe a little farther than the am pad.


Rob Cheyne    July 1 at 8:39pm

I lost the following 2 discs I'd love to get back / pay for if anyone found them (approximately 2 weeks ago or so). Both discs are unmarked / do not have my name / phone # etc.:
Dark red Star Valkyrie with no flight numbers on face - Hole 12 - flew into the brushey area straight down, left of fairway where the tall trees are just prior to the hard right turn.
Purple and yellow tie dye Pro Katana - Hole 3 - flew into the right side just over the right elevated ridge line a little over half ... more


Jacob Huey    June 30 at 10:02pm

Left (not lost) a white discraft sting (elephant stamped) on hole 17. It's like 20ft short of the hole and in the woods on the left side. $5 to anyone who can get it and either mail it to me or bring it to me. Text or call at 810-202-2053


Brendan Livingston    June 28 at 1:39pm

Who designed Tobogg

T Pills   June 28 at 3:22pm

I believe it was Jim Kenner, founder of discraft.

John Minicuci   June 28 at 4:15pm


John Minicuci   June 28 at 4:19pm

Go to the History link

Ozzie Thoreson    June 27 at 11:25pm

Still open to the public?

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John Minicuci   June 28 at 1:57am

Select the more... option to see dates, times, cost, etc .

Ozzie Thoreson   June 28 at 2:53am

Thanks, John!

John Minicuci   June 28 at 3:09am

Good luck out there Ozzie, have fun!

Kristen Clauder    June 17 at 5:58pm

Rough go of it last night for me, lost a lavender Paul Macbeth Prototype and a pink Champion Roadrunner.


Craig C    June 15 at 4:10pm

My group returned a number of discs that we found to the pay station by the shelter. If you're missing anything I'd recommend starting there.

Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore   June 15 at 5:34pm

thanks for that brotha. earning the disc golf good karma!!

Ryan Kelly   June 17 at 2:57am

Blue star boss no stamp?