Independence Lake County Park

Whitmore Lake, Michigan     2 courses · 42 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan seemann    1 day ago

Lost a pink echo dd3 on the right side of x11 no ink would love to get it back.


Ryan seemann    1 day ago

Lost a pink echo dd3 on the right side of x11 no ink would love to get it back.


Tyler B    1 day ago

Lost a blue MVP photon on X10 right side of the fairway. Should have a throw shop stamp on it.


Kristen Clauder    1 day ago

Found two discs with no names on them in the marsh on hole X7 this weekend. One is orange, one is white. Let me know what they are and I'll get them back to you.

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Kristen Clauder   1 day ago

Nate - Neither are stamped with info.

Jake Waxer   1 day ago

Champ glo roc?

Kristen Clauder   13 hours ago

Jake - No, sorry!

Steve Nolff A3    3 days ago

Getting down to our last few spots for one of the area's best doubles tournament. The A3 12th Annual Birthday Classic is always a blowout. MVP sponsored this year, with some SWEET artwork for the tournament stamp. This edition is going to be at Indy on Sun Aug 9th. Bring your own partner. PLUS, an A3 member discount when you sign up. We just keep giving back!!!


Paul Hanna    July 22 at 1:16pm

Lost one and found one yesterday.

Lost: orange River around hole 11
Found: driver with no name and number


Tyler B    July 20 at 12:53am

Friend lost a light blue Zeus on hole 5 today. Right side of the fairway, in the rough near the bend in the fairway. Name and # on it.


Art Liptow    July 19 at 8:31pm

Lost a red Orion on X10 right side before the cut path. No name or number. Reward if returned.


Jennifer Lynn Sylvester    July 19 at 4:45pm

Fiancé lost a bright yellow Hades on hole X11 to the right after the big tree. Name and # on it.


Don Decker    July 19 at 1:32am

Found 6 discs out there today. Lmk and I’ll get it back to you

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Ryan Traud   July 21 at 6:10pm

Red/grey insanity? Blue esp meteor?

Steven Moll   July 24 at 12:08am

Also a buddy is looking for an orange and a pink Hades

Don Decker   July 28 at 12:39am

Sorry none of them

Ryan Traud    July 18 at 3:17pm

Lost a blue esp meteor with a large 8 stamp on x7 just into shallow on the right.

Also lost a red insanity with grey rim and a 248# on it(traded for it) on hole x11 in the tall grass on the right

Also found 2 disc in the drink on hole x7 one blue and one tye dye. Lmk what they are and its yours

Monty Wonnacott   July 18 at 8:33pm

Blue hades

Ryan Traud   July 21 at 6:11pm

No sir

Ryan Traud   July 21 at 6:12pm

Blue has been contacted, other one is nothing specual

Johnny Branstetter    July 14 at 6:21pm

Lost a orange star Leopard on the right side of 10. Would love to get it back. Thanks.


Dave Milewski    July 14 at 5:33pm

Left behind brand new no ink 2007 red players cup rogue. Many thanks and praise for it's return.

peter kunoff   July 14 at 6:33pm

whoa. those are so nice. the rogue gave berth to indy lake via the fly mart at 2008s worlds.

Pat Burke   July 14 at 11:27pm

I witnessed it.

John McAskin   July 14 at 11:38pm

Not shocked. Dave is extremely forgetful. Hopefully he learns from this.

Brian Hyzertron Crouch    July 12 at 9:52am

Lost a pink crank halfway up 2 on the left and another blue on 3 directly left of the short pad. Reward for return


Monty Wonnacott    July 11 at 10:15pm

Lost a blue hades on the right side of hole 16 in the woods almost to 15's long pad. Reward if found


Barry Robinson    July 7 at 11:17pm

Lost a light blue Ahti and a yellow Stag name and PDGA # on discs


peter kunoff    July 6 at 5:25pm

lost some platters out here with my sons early on Sunday....purple star TL on 3, blue styar widboom xcal on 5, red z force starwars at at stamp in pond on 6, esp death star stamped heat on 10......any one that makes the effort to return will be rewarded.....think all are so new that there is no info on the discs.....734-262-6620


Steve Nolff A3    July 6 at 1:43pm

6th Annual Melting in July Tournament presented by CJ’S PARTY STORE

Sunday, July 19, 2020

1 Round of 18 Holes (Monster)
1 Round of 18 Holes (Original)
50/50 CTP: $5.00
ACE POOL: $5.00

This is a BYOP doubles event. Not much going on in the area this weekend.
A fun event on a fun course.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson    July 4 at 9:29pm

Lost a red and blue envy on 11. July 3rd.


Montana Tidswell    June 21 at 5:21pm

Lost a light blue tee rex pre flight number with a teerex on it on hole 5 right side. Found 6 other discs looking for mine

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Montana Tidswell   June 21 at 8:43pm

That's funny, nah I returned 4 of the 6 today at the course and then I found a fire bird

Joe Monteith   June 23 at 9:21pm

did you find a green champ eagle by chance on hole x6 at Indy on the right side? my buddy lost it, fav old disc, no name on it.

- Buckwheat   June 28 at 12:46am

Go Wings!

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