Independence Lake County Park

Whitmore Lake, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Dave Milewski    May 31 at 7:10pm

Buried a green Z Force deep into the heart of the abyss on the right of hole 5 from the short pad. It was thrown terribly. Frisbee and high 5 in return.

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Nick Oliver   June 4 at 12:48pm

A Force from the shorts?!?!?! Dave, I dont know you anymore. lol

Dave Milewski   June 5 at 11:17am

Hole 5 short is easily 350 or so?

Nick Oliver   June 11 at 10:02pm

I was thinking of not hole 5. Lol I get the Force on that one for sure (hyzer on the edge, inside the big tree, aye).

David Buckley    May 29 at 12:28am

lost a dynamic disc bio fusion defender in the water on 17 Lt. Purple. 4/21/18


Josh Cantor    May 27 at 5:49pm

Lost a star burst dye Stratus X on hole 7x about 3/4 of the way down the wooden walk way on the right. disc reward if found.


Art L    May 23 at 9:01pm

Lost a pink burst warden putter on Hole 3x on the right before the path back by the pin. No name or info cause it was a putter. If found I have a plastic reward.


Tyler B    May 20 at 2:03pm

Anyone been out on the course this weekend yet? Know we got a bunch of rain so I'm assuming it's pretty muddy/swampy out there. Any spots supremely muddy or flooded?

Benjamin Pierce   May 20 at 11:13pm

1-18 is fine. Short tee pad hole 3 is covered but other than that the course is good with just a few spots with standing water, can easily be walked around.

Christian Doman    May 15 at 3:42am

Lost a blue cryztal challenger in the pond on 6 a little while back. walked around in the water for a while with no luck. not sure if my info is on the inner rim, but the stamp on top is Ohio Ams. Will trade to have it back.


Andrew Fitins    May 13 at 7:31pm

Lost yellow proto stamp prodigy M1 in the pond on 6


Andrew Fitins    May 13 at 7:31pm

Lost my Microtech automatic knife somewhere out there. Tan Color. Def not a gas station knife. If returned I'll hook you up somehow.


Benjamin Pierce    May 13 at 1:39pm

Purple Titanium Undertaker in the pond on 6. Has my PDGA number on it. Would love to have it back.

Benjamin Pierce   May 14 at 11:19am

It was a green undertaker, still have my purple.

Randy Fortune    May 13 at 11:37am

Blue g star teebird with a bto stamp into pond on six info should be on it also think I dropped a light blue ace race disc around hole 16

Andrew Fitins   May 13 at 7:28pm

Found your disc today, for sure, it matches in every way. Let me know how best to get it to you.

Randy Fortune   May 16 at 12:50pm

thank you do you play the area? I live like 10 minutes from rolling hills

Matt Bates    May 8 at 12:24pm

Plasma Trace in the water between hole D and E of original extras. If found please let me know. All my info is on it.


Douglas McIntosh    April 25 at 3:08am

I put a yellow champ Orc in the pond on hole 6, it sure would be nice to get it back,


Rick Long    April 23 at 11:36pm

Lost a raspberry colored thunderbird on hole D in the water Sunday. Detroit Disc Works stamp


Steve Albert    April 23 at 7:44pm

Lost red 1st run buzzz OS in 6 pond at tourney yesterday. Has phone number on inner rim


Nick "Fooch" Fucinari WPD    April 21 at 2:55pm

Philo Desteoyer in the pond on 6. Ink on it. Reward for return.


Jake Waxer    April 20 at 6:55pm

Found a discraft driver on hole 8. No ink

Nate Davis   April 20 at 7:13pm

Was it a blue zflx crank? I lost one a while back.

Jake Waxer   April 21 at 12:42am

Not a crank

Jake Waxer   April 21 at 11:17am

Hole e**

Douglas McIntosh    April 16 at 6:14am

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 17th - Indy Lake

Huron Valley PDGA Singles League will be heading to Independence Lake for 18 holes of Red Hawk South long tees

$1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division.

optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is at $1,353


Jake Steinbrecher    March 12 at 2:33am

Lost a dayglo ledgestone nuke and a blue Cryztal drone with Heisenberg dye and two aces on the back hole 6 this morning. Could see them on the ice, after the round however they were gone. Reward for return.

Erin Shaffer   March 17 at 12:56pm

I think I found your Nuke my dude!

Mark Neiger    March 10 at 11:49pm

Anyone been out last couple days looking to see how much snow still on the course and what kind of shape the tee pads are in

James Gaves   March 11 at 12:05am

I was just there. Pass are cleared and the snow isn't bad at all. There is a lot of water on 6

Mark Neiger   March 11 at 12:32am

Thank you

Austin T    March 1 at 9:16pm

Looking to do some discing in North Carolina near Charlotte. Anyone know of any good courses to play? Been looking at Reedy Creek, Hornets Nest, Nevin, Richmond Hill, RLS, and Winthrop (SC). Just looking to narrow it down so I can book a hotel near by. Thanks guys!

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Austin T   March 2 at 7:00am

What would you say are your top 3?

Austin T   March 2 at 7:00am

Thanks for the responses!

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   March 2 at 10:55pm

Reni, hornets nest and RL smith but I haven’t been there in over 5 years and I heard they put a couple new sweeeeeet courses in since then. But reni is by far the best imo

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