Hudson Mills Metropark

Dexter, Michigan     2 courses · 48 holes     Driving directions
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Dom S    6 days ago

Is the disc golf course closed? Heard Kensington was

Ryan Martin   6 days ago

Yes. Both courses. Baskets gone.

Dom S   6 days ago

Thanks for the info

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   6 days ago

I think all metro parks disc golf course are closed

Trevor Staples    March 29 at 6:59pm

Saw a group of at least 8 people playing a round today. FYI, when I called to see if the course was open, HM staff said it’s open, but playing in large groups could get metro parks courses closed down. A2 and county are closed. Please follow the social distancing regulations and don’t get the last open courses shut down!

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Ben Taylor   March 29 at 7:50pm

Or they'll be at their grandparents funeral, just stop. Please. I am a nurse, this is real. It's spreading like wildfire and playing DG (which I love) is not worth yours/your loved ones/your neighbors lives. And when the hospital runs out of PPE and the staff has covered the place you go to get healthy is going to make you sick

Barry Robinson   March 29 at 10:18pm

Was out today didn’t see any groups of 8 was in a group of 5 practiced social distancing round went smooth

Trevor Staples   April 2 at 2:39pm

Both courses closed this morning. They’re removing the baskets.

Joel Hamami    February 23 at 10:17pm

Left my black MVP Envy out there today. It has a skull on it, and a green rim. Please comment if picked up.


Dave Driver    February 23 at 12:19am

I lost a blue fission photon today at hudson. Please get ahold of me if you find it. Thank you very much


Steve Nolff A3    February 5 at 5:52pm

Hey y'all. Just a heads up about a facebook raffle for Ann Arbor Disc (A3). We are starting up our tournament and league membership drive. We have some cool raffle packages to give away for likes and shares.... Check it out and maybe grab some cool swag.


Steve Ponce    February 3 at 1:46pm

Found a yellow disc on the left of Hole 14 (monster hole). It was early Sunday morning so was probably lost Saturday or before. Name the mold to claim it.

Ryan seemann   March 18 at 8:16am

Any chance it’s a pa-4?

Nick Pacific    January 29 at 4:15pm

Anyone know if the pads are clear out here thx

Cam Stinson   January 29 at 4:37pm

I cleared all 24 short pads on OG Sunday. Should be good still

Nick Pacific   January 29 at 5:10pm

Awesome thanks

Josh Cantor    January 5 at 4:45pm

Mike Forton I turned in your Disc to the park office. I found it on Hole F of the original corurse


Paul McMican    December 31 at 2:00am

Looking for a pink vulture and a team stamp stalker from the 22nd that was left behind. Let me know if anyone finds them


Steve Ponce    December 29 at 3:25pm

Found a white mini with a Red Wings logo on it on hole 18 OG yesterday 12/28. Looks like it’s been around for a while...has a thumb print on it. PM me if you think you know who’s it is.


connor leidal    December 8 at 8:34pm

Lost a blue Luna on hole 5 long hit me up

Stoney Bolonie   December 13 at 12:21am

what's a luna I thought he was a person?

Joe Monteith    November 25 at 2:25pm

Lost a blue star daedalus on the monster hole, got stuck up in the first big pine. It has my name on it, pay for it's return.

Josh Cantor   November 25 at 2:57pm

I found it and turned it in to the office. They said they would call you. I guess not.

Joe Monteith   November 25 at 4:34pm

Ah, thanks so much Josh, I appreciate it. It got stuck in (2) trees that day so I gave up. Good karma for you sir. Cheers,

Scott Semposki    November 14 at 11:09pm

Lost a set of keys on original. 11-13-19 hoping to get these back. Thanks


Josh Cantor    October 13 at 8:18pm

Lost a light blue champion Leopard 3 on hole 17 of the monster . Reward if found.


Steve Nolff A3    October 3 at 1:11am

HOLY SPOOKTACULAR!! A3 is throwing the season best Halloween Disc Golf Bash. We are creating a Halloween nightmare out of the Labyrinth putting course at Rolling Hills. A professional lighting and sound experience that will blow you away. You can come out and just play the evening glow round or play both the daytime round and the glow to give yourself a chance at the the Buzzz Bag.

Join us for the Mystic Labyrinth at Rolling Hills

1 Round of 18 Holes (Main Course)
... more


Noah Rae    September 27 at 4:04am

Lost my go to witness on hole 9 of the monster name/number on it reward if found


Jake Pardo    September 25 at 4:47pm

Lost my go to Orange Firebird on hole 10 OG. Its stuck in top of tree just about 60 short of basket. I can see up there couldnt get it down. Name and number on it. Also star of david in center in ink. Reward if returned Thanks...


Andrew Marwede    September 22 at 9:00pm

Lost my go to Sexton Firebird on the left side of hole 3 Monster. Cash reward if found

Josh Beach   September 24 at 3:58pm

Marwede nooo! lol hole 3 left side? Left if you're down from the tee, or left of the basket if looking at it? I'll be there today or tomorrow & check

Andrew Marwede   September 27 at 4:00am

Left from the tee pad. I honestly thought it’d be circles edge long left but never found it

Josh Beach   October 14 at 10:36pm

A buddy and I looked for 15-20 two weeks ago with no luck :( there's a chance it'll turn up now as the brush dies though

Anthony Wasyl    September 17 at 6:08pm

Left red mcbeth first run force on 18 monster just past the basket

Anthony Wasyl   September 17 at 6:08pm

Reward if returned

Anthony Wasyl   September 17 at 6:34pm

Last night

Anthony Wasyl   September 17 at 6:48pm

Between 8pm last night to 230pm today just looked where I left it

Jonathan Koch    September 13 at 6:18pm

Lost a medium beat up whiteish dx roc between 1 and 18 fairways near the big pines.


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