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Michael McElhoes    13 hours ago

Whoever moved that tree on 4, it sucks

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Matthew Stewart   12 hours ago

I’m really excited to see what this is about tomorrow morning

Michael McElhoes   10 hours ago

Daymon, u been there in past couple days?

Daymon Pugh   9 hours ago


Shawn Herbert    May 16 at 2:16am

A blue driver with no ink was found during leagues tonight on hole 18, let me know what it is and I'll get it back to you.

Miles McLaughlin   May 17 at 4:06am

Plasma servo circuit stamp?

Mark Stephens    May 13 at 6:14pm

Just as a heads up, I will have a pretty full field at Holly both Saturday and Sunday. The course will be open but if you want to play all 18-24 holes you will experience slow play.

I am running my Jumbo 18 format so if you wanted to play, I would recommend playing 1-7 and 8b and 9b two times for a lot less traffic. We don’t play 2,3,5, or 6.

Matthew Stewart   May 14 at 12:11pm

What time are you guys starting and how many people do you have?

Mark Stephens   May 14 at 1:39pm

8:45am or so. A full tournament field of 72 or so each day. This is a state championship qualifer tournament thus the bigger fields each day.

Matthew Stewart    April 28 at 12:29am

Anyone know who’s making all the log walls around the course? Just curious if these are going to stick around, or have to be taken down once sanctioned events start happening.

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Matthew Stewart   April 28 at 9:29pm

So they need to come down or no?

Mark Stephens   May 1 at 7:43pm

Actually only 1 Wednesday so far. I want to address it with the park before they are just removed but that would be my preference as to what happens.

fred gullett   May 4 at 4:09am

We saw the person/persons building a wall about a week ago and asked about them. They genuinely believe that the the holes where walls are built needed protection from errant drives and also there is just too much trash deadfall laying all over the course. I think they're pretty interesting and ... more

Jeff Conroy    April 27 at 2:36am

Anyone down to play Sunday will be there at 10a


Jake Morse    April 14 at 2:10pm

I lost my vape mod out there last night.. it’s got venom face on it. Probably won’t get it back but I would like to have it back will give cash reward if returned thank you.


Mario Ramirez    March 24 at 6:11pm

Probably a long shot but left a light blue grandslam destroyer with a bottom stamp. Reward if returned. Has the original owners name and number but really faded. My name and number is not on it. Thank u


Kristen Bunting    March 24 at 4:47pm

How is it out there?

Daymon Pugh   March 24 at 10:27pm

It’s a mud pit

Matt McGuire    March 23 at 12:54pm

Gates are now open for the 2019 season.

Tony T   March 24 at 12:37pm

Thanks, dude. See u there.

Kristen Bunting   March 24 at 4:47pm

How is it?

Matt McGuire   March 31 at 10:23am

Pretty much dried out now.

Garett Patria    March 16 at 10:01pm

why was the road to the course closed (gate shut) today?

Mark Stephens   March 16 at 11:18pm

Because it takes a long time for all the snow to melt off the park road. I wouldnot expect it to open for a few weeks.

Mark Stephens   March 16 at 11:18pm

The course is open. You just have to park off Tindall road and walk in.

Matt McGuire    March 16 at 5:38pm

Found a double stamped discraft disc name and pdga # on it but no contact info...get a hold of me for return.

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Alex Villanueva   March 16 at 11:13pm

What’s the pdga # I’ll see if I know them

Jake Morse   March 17 at 4:38am

Purple heat?

Matt McGuire   March 17 at 11:18am

Found the owner

Christopher COLMUS    March 10 at 1:21am

Left an orange and black MVP forget what hole I left it on haha. Love to have it back but if not enjoy it.


Mario Ramirez    March 5 at 8:25pm

Left behind a Wiggins boss on the course sunday. Yellowish with swirls. Says "like a boss" on it. Would luv to get it back if anyone finds it. Will give u a disc to replace your find


Matt McGuire    February 25 at 8:14pm

Lost a teal colored z lite mantis on hole 3. MM is marked on the backside.Really want it back. Thanks.


Mario Ramirez    February 24 at 12:44pm

Left a tied dye disc with a discraft bar stamp i believe on hole seven. It wld b great to get it back. Thanx. Will trade for it return

Mario Ramirez   March 7 at 12:51am

Fount it

Scott Spencer    February 3 at 6:41pm

Anybody come across a purple first run meteor? Was left on hole 14 I believe. Will gladly give a disc for finding it

Michael Davis   February 4 at 3:38pm

Just found it.. Out here now.. 8108752846

Mario Ramirez    January 12 at 11:57am

Found a newer disc with no name or number on it yesterday. Plz msg me with color and type if think its yours.


Scott H    January 11 at 5:41pm

Road to course parking lot still closed ? Still a walk in ?

Mark Stephens   January 11 at 5:55pm

I would expect it to be closed all winter. Park ok Tindall Road off Dixie.

Mario Ramirez    January 3 at 4:51am

Found a disc today, no ink. Got left behind on hole 5.


Mario Ramirez    January 3 at 4:49am

Left a light blue Buzzz OS behind with a pink "no foolin" stamp from april 11-12. Left during doubles match monday new years eve.


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