Defunk Disco

Defuniak Springs, Florida     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  +5 votes  + Bruce Spence › May 26, 2018
Course looks great! You can definitely see how all the hard work has paid off! Can’t wait for the tournament on 9 June!
-  +4 votes  + Mark Mahaffey › July 18, 2018
Fun course, get funky and play
-  +4 votes  + C J Strouse › November 10, 2017
Great design use of the land. Challenging on the wooded
holes. Nice variety of lefty and right holes.
-  +4 votes  + Matt Cloutier › July 26, 2018
Great course, even greater club members! The hard work, dedication, and motivation of DeFunk Disco volunteers is unsurpassed. The layout is excellent and has something for all skill levels and ages. Plans for an additional 18 holes in the woods for the “Champions Course” are underway!
-  +3 votes  + matthew kline › July 30, 2018
-  +3 votes  + Josh Gallaspy › July 30, 2018
-  +3 votes  + Logan Law › August 7, 2018
-  +3 votes  + Grant R › July 20, 2018
Love it, and its getting even better!
-  +3 votes  + Paul Weinacker › July 26, 2018
Great course!
-  +3 votes  + Lance Pulley › July 30, 2018
Great well maintained course.
-  +3 votes  + Leslie Moland › August 10, 2018
Awesome course. The designer and league members put a lot of work into creating and maintaining it. There are constant improvements and additions. It is obviously a labor of love and the men and women behind it work hard to ensure the course is clean, family-friendly and a testament to the welcoming "grow the sport" mentality. The course features strong utilization of the space and natural obstacles available and is worth the drive. I recommend supporting this course and giving it a try. It ...
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-  +2 votes  + Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings › July 30, 2018
A young course growing into its own. The am tees offer a challenge to beginners and the longs will stretch your arm out for sure. Some holes seem like a gimmick shot at first.. example would be the long tee on 6 I believe. You are pushed back into a tennis court. At first it seems really stupid to be brutally honest but once I stepped back to throw the shot on the hole it actually doesn’t even effect the hole. Not often we are challenged to get our disc up quick in Florida so it’s a welcome test.

Look forward to seeing this course grow in the future.
-  +2 votes  + Neal Kelly › July 26, 2018
-  +2 votes  + Blake Elliott › June 8, 2018
They have gone through a lot of work on this course and have now extended it out to 22 holes. My understanding is that they will eventually have 36. That will be wonderful!! They have made some fantastic changes and have cleared out some of the holes that really suffered from the tree/brush congestion. My hat's off to the hard work the members have performed to make this a tip-top course in NW Florida!
-  +2 votes  + Andrew Roberts › July 30, 2018
The amounts of time and effort put in by the community is a testament to how great this course is.
-  +2 votes  + Arthur Steadman › November 5, 2017
-  +2 votes  + William Kent › June 17, 2018
-  +2 votes  + Phillip K. › May 24, 2018
-  +1 votes  + Jeremy Benton › May 3, 2018
-  +1 votes  + Joshua Delp › September 11, 2018
Really cool course with a really awesome community of disc golfers! They�ve done a really good job of using the area they have to create a fun and challebcoursr!
-  +1 votes  + Aaron Strickland › August 11, 2018
-  +1 votes  + Monda Duncan › September 2, 2018
Great course for beginners and pros. Have long shots and short shots. Some great woods shots. 22 holes all together and more on the way. The tees are easy to see painted blue for am. and white for pro. No water to throw over to possibly loose your disc and the woods are well cleared and maintained by some super volunteers. There is a map by hole 19 when you enter into the park with a list also of the sponsors. There is always someone playing the course. Keep up the good work ya'll.
-  +1 votes  + Samuel G › August 8, 2018
Nice course, they are still making improvements.
-  +0 votes  + Micah Reese › April 27, 2018
It'll be a nice course... when it's done. It looks like there's been a lot of recent work with new tee boxes, sign posts, and baskets. Lots of newly cleared wooded areas too. But there are no hole numbers and /or signs which makes figuring out where to go challenging in some cases.
-  +0 votes  + Luke Wagnon › September 9, 2018
Great course, super fun. Some long, some short holes. No water and it's outlined well.
-  -1 votes  + Keegan Maxwell › October 8, 2019
Great course, great conditions, one of the best places that I have played
-  -3 votes  + Patrick Treude › January 4, 2019
Not what I expected after reading all the reviews. This course is a tale of two nines. The front has 3 par 4s and long par 3s. But sadly, the back nine was designed for novice players. 5 of the 9 holes are under 200 feet. All in the woods, not very challenging. Clearly, this is not Floridas #1 course. Somehow the locals inflated the ratings. I drove out of my way to play this and was disappointed.