Burchfield Park

Holt, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Jason VanAken    January 2 at 2:54pm

This course open all winter?

Matt Rinker   January 2 at 4:15pm

yup - When the snow falls, Rivers Edge isn't playable on 5-7 due to sledding. But Renegades Trail is fully open and playable

Jason VanAken   January 3 at 5:33pm

Sweet might have to try it with snow, if we ever get any.

Wesley Shinevar    January 2 at 2:21pm

Lost a Pink Test Flight disc on 17 Rivers Edge. Near the logs just shy of the basket. Reward if returned. No name on it :(

Larry Dalimonte   January 2 at 7:37pm

If I have time Friday or Saturday I'll bring the waders out and see what I can do. Is it visible from the bank?

Wesley Shinevar   January 4 at 4:38pm

The river was super cloudy so we couldnt see it from the bank or else I'd have gone in. I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU FIND IT!!!

David Peterson    September 29 at 1:09pm

How long will the temo and new layouts from the women's nationals stay at burchfield?

Christopher Munsell   September 29 at 1:21pm

They are already gone. Played on Thursday and it was all back to normal.

Adam Dinsmore    September 28 at 12:00am

Lost my brand new green Gstar Krait on hole one, in the rough to the right of the fairway, near the building. Cash reward if found! Name/number is on it.

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Christopher McIntosh   September 30 at 12:30am

Hi Adam we looked for your disc today but couldn't find it. I hope either you or someone finds it for ya.

Adam Dinsmore   September 30 at 1:34am

Thanks, I surely appreciate it.

Christopher McIntosh   September 30 at 9:52pm

No problem man

Daniel Whitlock    September 20 at 11:12pm

If any of you ladies find a lime green 166 star roadrunner on River's Edge please let me know :) Lost it earlier this year when it was very wet out there.


Matt Rinker    September 19 at 3:17am

Burchfield closed to casual play 9/21 and 9/23
Due to Women's Nationals, Burchfield disc courses will be closed to casual play Friday 9/21 - Sunday 9/23


Erin Oakley    September 19 at 1:16am

I've lost 3 discs in the past few days out there practicing. White Stingray on hole 8 Rivers Edge off to the right 1/2 way up.
Purple DX Valkyrie fell off my cart somewhere by the beach alternate hole 2A.
Pink DX Valkyrie in the bushy stuff to the right about 80 feet before 3 long on Renegades Trail.
Not sure if I put my name on the Valks but they have a team stamp on them.
Also Lisa F has lost multiple discs out there.
Reward if found!

Erin Oakley   September 19 at 1:17am

Lisa F Purple Thunderbird

Nick Stinedurf    September 19 at 12:44am

My blue champ thunderbird is about 60ft above the fairway on 15 renegades in a tree. I’ll be at the USWDGC all weekend if it falls and nice person finds it!


Corey McCarrick    September 16 at 3:41am

Lost teebird3 on hole 1 renegades trail to the left. Reward if found.


Raymond Blain    September 15 at 1:27pm

Found one on Renegades Trail - Hole #12.

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Raymond Blain   September 15 at 3:17pm

Not a roc, sorry.

Raymond Blain   September 15 at 3:18pm

It's pink.

Alex Moser   September 15 at 5:47pm

Ok no worries

Curtis LaFond    September 13 at 2:05am

Left a White z buzzz with the dye. Lost on 15 or 17 river. Cash or plastic reward. Thanks!


Christopher Munsell    August 21 at 9:08pm

Found an umbrella on hole one tee pad renegades trail. Left in office


Zack Colosimo    August 17 at 3:16pm

Lost a big z machete on 18, threw too many couldn’t find it! Would love to get it back!

Zack Colosimo   August 17 at 3:16pm

Rivers edge

Wesley Shinevar   August 17 at 4:21pm

Definitely check the lost and found table in the morning. People are usually pretty good about turning stuff in

Patrick Snay   August 17 at 11:30pm

Do they ever call the numbers on the back? I lost my first ace disc on River's Edge last year, even offered a brand new 2016 Sexybird for its return. Still nothing.

Nate Buren    August 17 at 6:43am

So, someone stole my boys discgolf bag out of his car. Its a Shakespeare fishing bag, and all of his discs have J Littleton or JT Littleton, 5175758352 on em. If you see any of his discs or his bag, let me know!


Matt Sowle    August 17 at 3:13am

Glow Firebird hole 8 rivers edge lo the right of basket. Reward if found


Matt Rinker    August 16 at 12:33am

Due to the CCR OPEN this weekend, August 18 and 19, Grand Woods and Burchfield will be closed to casual play. Burchfield will reopen at around 2 pm Sunday and Grand Woods will most likely remain closed all weekend.


Jay Day    August 9 at 4:08pm

Find a disc. Renegade, past 9 long/left of 2 short tee. Name it and it's yours.

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Jay Day   August 9 at 4:27pm

No and no

J 96   August 11 at 11:02am

Teleport or a Panic

Jay Day   August 12 at 12:04am

Sorry, it's not. But on the right track.

Daymon Pugh    August 3 at 12:57pm

Headed to Burchfield anybody wants to play I’ll be there around 10:30


Nathan Lindley    July 25 at 2:03am

Lost my red pro rhyno on 17. :/ if you find it, I will defiently give some plastic as a reward. Or a few bucks...whatever floats your boat.

Chris Lozen   July 25 at 9:36am

Devils den or rivers edge? I'll be out there this afternoon and will keep an eye out

Rodney L    July 19 at 10:32pm

Lost an Orange C Line FD on 13 short to long. It is somewhere in the long grass between the fairway and the maintenance shed. My name is not on it unfortunately. Find it and return it to me and I’ll give you another disc for the trouble.