Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Grant K    June 16 at 10:46pm

Also, my son threw one into the swamp on the left of hole 9. I contacted the one and only John Hagen for help, but if someone happens upon it before he does, my son would really love it back. Thanks.


Grant K    June 16 at 10:44pm

Found two discs today. One on hole 12, and another on hole 14. Neither were inked, but if you can name them I'll get them back to you. Also, I threw one into the thick stuff on the left side of hole 14. Orange DX Teebird. My name and number are on it. Thanks in advance for a safe return.

Jon Geister   June 17 at 10:35am

It’s a long shot but was the disc on 12 a green lat 64 caltrop. I left it on Tuesday just forgot it.

Grant K   June 17 at 10:23pm

Sorry that isn't one that I found. I hope that it finds its way back to you.

Sansi sayles    May 31 at 9:32pm

Lost bright yellow Valkyrie not much use out of it, in the water canal, Hole 1, Sunday May 26th. If you find it please let me know!


Brenden Andrews    May 27 at 8:40pm

Gf lost a purple heat, jbird rainbow stamp halfway up hole 9 few feet into the water. Please let me know if found


John Hagen    May 22 at 9:32pm

Found 4 discs on hole 1 @ Addison Oaks today before the rain rolled in. Name em!

JT Reynolds   May 22 at 11:42pm

Purple star destroyer with murder mitten stamp

Jack Dickman   May 23 at 2:09am

Zambia Stamp on brown D2?

Chris Mulka   May 24 at 12:43pm

pink star wraith?

JT Reynolds    May 22 at 4:07am

Lost star purple destroyer blue murder mitten stamp in the water on 1


Brad Baker    May 21 at 11:24am

Anyone know when/where the practice basket is going back in?


Ryan Kelly    May 14 at 3:23am

Don Warfield I found your Destroyer on hole 1 today

John Hagen   May 22 at 9:30pm

I sent him a PM so he should see this soon if he hasn’t already.

John Hagen    May 13 at 1:23am

Pulled another 4 discs out on hole 1 as well as 1 mini! Wtf! Lol

Jack Dickman   May 16 at 2:26am

have you found a zambia Stamp d2?

John Hagen    May 8 at 7:59pm

Pulled 18 discs out of Addison Oaks today! Name them!

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John Hagen   May 10 at 1:05pm

No sir. :(

Brad Baker   May 10 at 4:01pm

I had a red Z Buzzz witha dime bag darrel guitar stamp in the water on hole 1, hole 9 I have 2 Cryzal sparkel Buzzz's one pink translucent and one blue. Also, a Lizotte Doombird 2 in the water on the left of the basket of 24

Jack Dickman   May 15 at 4:44am

Zambia Stamp on brown D2?

Tony Vidal    May 5 at 5:59pm

Purple Thunderbird with white team Stony stamp in water on hole 1


Ryan Martin    May 5 at 3:58am

Anyone play today or yesterday? How muddy/wet was it?

Scott H   May 5 at 4:12am

Not bad at all. 24 still a small lake, water hazards are pretty high but not much mud.

Tom Wagner   May 5 at 12:34pm

Played yesterday, the water hazards are still twice the normal size. Otherwise usual conditions, dry fairways.

Jordon Robertson    May 2 at 12:42pm

Lost a Jeff Ash dyed Escape on the right side pond on 12, its pink underneath and had yellow, blue, pink swirls on top, would love to get it back if anyone finds it! Reward if returned


Jacob Forsten    May 1 at 10:26pm

Light blue bio fusion defender, wheat shield stamp, and bottom of disc has a clover,and a pig stamped on it. Hole 1 some where in the middle of pond. And hole 12 my buddy lost a Jeff ash dyed escape, believe in small pond on right side. And my other buddy hole 24 water pretty high on left side and a pink gold line pure should show up once it drys up. 248-719-6645 if any luck please and thank you

John Hagen   May 14 at 3:52am

Found this

John Hagen   May 14 at 3:52am


Nate Buban    April 28 at 10:17pm

Lost a beat up white esp zone on hole 10 today, name and number on it. 2 new discs for safe return.


Brendan Livingston    April 28 at 7:55pm

Lost a Discmania DD left of the pin in the water on hole 12. Reward if returned.


Kyle Cupp    April 28 at 12:48am

Lost a pink atlas in the water on the left on one of the holes between 10-16. Don't remember which hole specifically though. Name and number should be on it.


Grant K    April 27 at 9:59pm

Lost my bright yellow Thrasher on hole 10 in the middle of the swamp today. Threw a bad shot. It's inked with my name and number.

John Hagen   May 8 at 7:58pm

I have it grant! 720-724-1122

Jack Dickman    April 26 at 5:43pm

I lost a Zambia open stamp D2 on hole one in the water. Reward if returned


Matt London    April 25 at 4:11pm

I have a pink warrant in the swamp on 9 and a yellow lucid x Maverick in the swamp on ten. Plastic reward for return. Thanks


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