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Matt Rinker   April 29 at 3:01pm

Money Monday Cash singles

Looking for a cash singles game and want to play for tags, look no further. Tonight we tee at Burch at 6pm. Follow link for more info


Matt Rinker   April 24 at 12:19am

First Week of Singles starts Wednesday 4/24

Hello Everyone! Layout for the first week will be Renegades Trail, layout below.
Here is the link to the about page to answer any questions you might have
01. S/L
02. S/L
03. S/S
04. S/L
05. L/S
06. S/S
07. S/S
08. S/L
09 S/L
10. S/L
11. L/S
12. L/S
13. L/S
14. L/S
15. L/S
16. S/L
17. S/S
18. S/L
par 54 6016 / 6000 feet


Matt Rinker   April 4 at 3:53pm

Grand Woods Dog policy

Heads up to all those who bring dogs to the park - Please make sure you have your dog(s) on a leash. Park management has informed me that this will be a focal point for the sheriff’s department this year. If you don't comply, you may be ticketed.

Matt Sowle   April 4 at 5:41pm

Thank goodness! I’m tired of seeing loose dogs out there especiially after watching one attack an innocent person on a bicycle I’m all for leash law enforcement.

- br33zy -   April 4 at 6:30pm

Not going far enough. Ban people with dogs on leashes that expect people on their card to hold the leash while they throw.

Kallie Howell   April 4 at 6:53pm

^^^ lol wow.