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Recent Scores

55  -2 Regular tees, 18 holes William Hill
Northeast Creek Park
Jacksonville, NC, USA
52  -6 Pro tees, 18 holes Kevin Hudson
Alexander Park
Lawrenceville, GA, USA
50  -7 Regular tees (1-18), 18 holes Ethan Blevins
Barfield Crescent Park
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
55  +1 Regular tees, 18 holes Jason Sullivan
Firefighters Park
Troy, MI, USA
49  -5 Long tees, 18 holes Mike Rossell
North East Coachman Park
Clearwater, FL, USA
73  +16 Regular tees, 19 holes quiLLan n
Morley Field
San Diego, CA, USA
62  +8 Short tees, 18 holes Chris Trumbull
Cass Benton Hills
Northville, MI, USA
50  -4 BDGC Ice Bowl layout, 18 holes Fred Britton Jr.
Sherwood Oaks
Bloomington, IN, USA
54  E Regular tees, 18 holes Paavo Stubstad
Condon Park
Grass Valley, CA, USA
56  +2 (SHORTS) New Layout 2013, 18 holes Ryan Brahler
Wingfoot Lake State Park
Suffield, OH, USA
44  -10 Regular tees, 18 holes Jacob Spencer
Garfield Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
56  -4 20 Hole Layout, 20 holes Larry Bright Jr.
Sims Park
Euclid, OH, USA
59  -13 Devil's Den 24 Hole Short/Short Winter Tags, 24 holes Jason Boynton
Burchfield Park
Holt, MI, USA
50  -4 Regular 9 Holes Red and White tees, 18 holes Rogerlee Westcott
Sullivan park
Chittenango, NY, USA
Cali · 54  E Short tees, 18 holes Jason Ponchahar
Fallasburg Park
Lowell, MI, USA
51  -3 Short tees, 18 holes Aaron M
O'Hauser Park
Menasha, WI, USA
72  E Original course Red tees (short), 24 holes Nick Stinedurf
Hudson Mills Metropark
Dexter, MI, USA
50  -4 Original Eighteen, 18 holes K.J. Becker
Garbage Hill
Traverse City, MI, USA
67  +4 2013 - 20 hole layout, 20 holes Jeff Bonn
Old Airport DGC
AuGres, MI, USA
60  +2 Regular tees, 18 holes Corey Matthysse
Tower Park
Greenville, MI, USA
56  +2 Blue Tees 18 holes, 18 holes Phil Britton
Silver Creek Recreational Area
Harvey, MI, USA
77  +11 Long tees, 22 holes Craig Muchow
Wickham Park
Melbourne, FL, USA
50  -4 Regular tees, 18 holes Owen T
Fort Morgan, CO, USA
51  -3 Regular tees 2x, 18 holes Dan Chando
Red Rocks Community College
Lakewood, CO, USA
55  E 18 Hole Regular tees, 18 holes William Jenkins
Three Island Crossing State Park
Glenns Ferry, ID, USA
50  -4 Yellow Pins, 18 holes Ryan G
Shore Acres Park
Saugatuck, MI, USA
54  E Regular tees, 18 holes T. Scott Keyse
Evrett St. Park
Newark, OH, USA
60  +6 Winter Course, 1 holes Fredrick Matthews
George Wilson Park
Mishawaka, IN, USA
37  -1 12 Holes w/ Par 4's, 12 holes Jesse Fausett
Dry Creek Trail Park
Lehi, UT, USA
51  -3 Original Layout Regular Tee, 18 holes Patrick Treude
White Spruce Park
Brampton, ON, Canada
61  +5 Regular tees, 18 holes Tal W
Jackson Park DGC
Hendersonville, NC, USA

Recent Aces

Brian Guice
Hole 10 at Spring Creek
Laramie, WY, USA
Joshua Pack
Hole 9 at HV Griffin Park
Shelbyville, TN, USA
Joshua Pack
Hole 5 at HV Griffin Park
Shelbyville, TN, USA
Ethan Blevins
Hole 6 at Barfield Crescent Park
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
Corey Matthysse
Hole 11 at Tower Park
Greenville, MI, USA
$20 Christian Doman
Hole 15 at The Murray Linkz
Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Michael Bugbee
Hole 6 at Los Olivos
Phoenix, AZ, USA
$325 grant ward
Hole 5 at Kensington Metropark
Milford, MI, USA
Christopher R
Hole 3 at Church Park
Sublimity, OR, USA
Shawn Cochran
Hole 15 at Sugarcreek Park
Cowansville, PA, USA
Sean Carlson
Hole 6 at Village Greens Park
Greenwood Village, CO, USA
Mike Wilson
Hole 2 at Church Park
Sublimity, OR, USA
$74 Mark Grisa
Hole 3 at Willow Metropark
Willow, MI, USA
Alan Hause
Hole 3 at Mathews Park
Monroe, GA, USA
$75 Mark Grisa
Hole 3 at Willow Metropark
Willow, MI, USA
Micah C
Hole 8 at The Willows
Winona, MN, USA
Tom Wagner
Hole 5 at Civic Center Park
Auburn Hills, MI, USA
December 1
Sam Mrdeza
Hole 18 at Garfield Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Dan O
Hole 14 at Tom Brown Park
Tallahassee, FL, USA
Carl K
Hole 3 at Rock River Park
Fort Atkinson, WI, USA
November 30
Ryan Gildner
Hole 4 at Holly Woods
Holly, MI, USA
Tony Mapes
Hole 5 at Chippewa Banks
Midland, MI, USA