B-R-A-D Mearkle

Ohio, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

B-R-A-D's reviews

Hocking Peaks Adventure Park › January 6, 2012
Ohio University › September 18, 2011
Sycamore Trails › June 9, 2011
very confusing, my buddy had already been there and he still didn't know how to get from hole to hole without wandering around for a couple of minutes. A variety of shots which is nice just very unsiclicle
Forked Run State Park › January 31, 2011
Gulley Park › November 29, 2010
love love love this course in fall/winter... summer has too many thorn bushes and extra growth that should be taken care of
Hocking College › October 21, 2010
This course in Fall and Winter is amazingly tough/unregretable. a slight wind added a bit of discomfort but the improvements on the course and lack of leaves in the trees just made today spectacular. i truly love the technicality of this course