Jason Riberas

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Jason's reviews

Cass Benton Hills › October 17, 2012
Playing from the long tees here is very difficult, and while playing my round I could see why so many casuals were playing the short tees. Never had problems while I was out here for my round with all the locals, lots of casuals. Elevation changes and shot placement is what is needed on this course to be successful.
Holly Woods › October 17, 2012
This course was definitely a challenge. Many had told me how difficult this course is, and it was, especially the back 6 or the heavily wooded holes. But with many elevation changes, and with all the woods, that's what makes this course a challenge. You could be shooting very well, until dun dun dun, the back 6 comes into play and then it changes your game. In order to succeed in this course, shot placement and accuracy.
Beverly Park › August 1, 2012
Great beginner course, I can see why everyone who has played here says if they were teaching someone new to the game they would bring them here. I love the two downhill shots, and almost every hole is an ace run hole. Great job John on the layout for the amount of land you were given to create this 9 hole course!!!!
Oakland University › June 4, 2012
Fairways and rough has really long grass for both and needs to be cut, plus they moved tee pad 1 in a different spot now
Stony Creek MetroparkBlue course › May 31, 2012
New layout runs smoother than the old, love the new back 9. Can't wait to get out here again!!!
Starr-Jaycee Park › May 18, 2012
played on the new tee pads!!!!, which are way better compared to the old ones but the only thing is they are a little narrow, but it's a much better improvement to the old tee pads!!!!