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Matthew Hull 56 - Regular tees, 18 holes "It was yet another perfect evening to play some disc golf! 75 degrees with hardly any wind is a winning combination for sure. I started on the back nine tonight and, while my drives were just so-so and my putts were either way high or way low, I still managed to put together some solid scores although the front nine was certainly a disappointment. My toss of the evening had to be my Cottonwood Buzzz on #16. I just started throwing this Buzzz again the other day @ Winton Woods and tonight, it hit a super smooth line on #16 and looked for the world like it was going to hit the Ace until it hit the bottom lip and didn't hit the Ace. It was SO close though!"


Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a perfect evening for some disc golf! It was 78 degrees with virtually no wind whatsoever and, other than a nasty blip on Hole #4 (threw a mediocre Blue Bomber Buzzz upshot then three-putted...OUCH!), I managed to turn in another solid round! Resilience is key in any sport and I was proud of my ability to come back from #4 and #5 biting me in the derriere and putting together a very solid round overall. My Star Beast drive on #7 was just good enough (made a nice straddle putt under the bush to the right of the basket) while my Star Stingray was stellar on #8. My Champion Destroyer nailed a perfect line on #12 (landed 2-3 ft. in front of the basket!) while my vintage Teebird darn near gave me an Ace on #14 (hit the line but turned *slightly* too much hitting chains but not sticking). It was a great time for sure. Happy June everyone! :)"

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I did not have my best stuff today but I hung in there and still managed to put together another solid round this week! It was a gorgeous Saturday morning (68-70 degrees with a light wind) and I had a wonderful time out there. :) I actually started on #10 (traffic on #1) and, other than some lousy putting (missed an easy one on #11 and a super easy one on #7), had a few nice drives and some great upshots (superb save on #12). My throw of the round was easily my Sword on #13. I slipped quite a bit after I released the disc but it hit the perfect line and landed on the edge of the circle (made the putt too!) I also had an incredible putt on #16 (not distance wise but I had to navigate through some branches and had an awkward lie) and a near ace line throw on #2 with my Star Beast (wise decision to throw the Beast with the wind coming towards me too)."

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "My 200th recorded round @ Harbin Park (including tournaments) was one to remember and darn near broke my all-time personal best to boot! I am awfully proud of this one too because I honestly didn't have my A+ stuff yet my will was strong enough to put me in position to possibly break my best (49). I paced myself and tried to focus despite being super sleep-deprived (haven't slept well at all this week) and the result was something mighty special. :) A very fortunate Inertia drive on #2 (released my throw earlier than I wanted yet it turned a lot and winded up landing 15-20 ft. to the right of the basket) and a superb 25-30 ft. putt on #3 really got me going and I rode that momentum all round long! I had to make some nice putts and put together some *amazing* saves (particularly on #6 after my Sword drifted to the right and landed slightly in the woods and it did the same exact thing on #17) but I continued to play well enough and I winded up with a record front nine! I even had a chance to deuce #9 after a perfect Sword drive (missed the 25-30 ft. putt) and almost did the same on #10 (*barely* missed a 20 ft. putt). My Champion Destroyer turned more than I wanted on #12 but I had a shot to deuce it (missed the 20-25 ft. putt) and my Teebird was superb on #14 with my Star Stingray coming *very* close to acing #15! I had putts glance off of the #16 and #18 baskets (making both of them would have done it!) but otherwise, it was one heck of a round."

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What an immensely satisfying round this one turned out to be! :) It has been a very stressful couple of days so to refresh a bit and to turn in a performance like this was mighty special. It was 76 degrees with virtually no wind factor which is rare for Harbin Park. I took full advantage though and my drives and putts were superb tonight! Well...mostly superb as I missed a bunny 8 ft. putt on #14 after an excellent Teebird drive but we won't go there. I made solid 15-20 ft. putts on #1 and 2 to start things off and I actually threw my Star Spider as my upshot on #4 (possibly my first recorded throw with the Spider @ Harbin Park) and it hit the line beautifully! Unfortunately, I didn't execute well enough on #7 (Star Beast turned way too much) or #8 (decent Roach throw but I missed the 20-25 ft. putt) but what I did on #10 and 13 was very special! I hardly EVER deuce those holes so to accomplish that in the same round is a rare milestone indeed! My rainbow Champion Destroyer hit the perfect line on #10 (and #12 actually!) and my putting was good enough. And I threw my Sword straight down the hill on #13 and it turned too much yet somehow missed almost all of the tree branches before hitting one but not losing much distance (the luck factor was certainly in my favor at certain points during this round). I landed a mere 20-22 ft. in front of the basket and the putt was true! My Teebird was solid on #14 and good enough on #15 but I missed some easy/make-able putts. I even went with my Teebird on #16 and it darn near hit the Ace line (putted with the Teebird just to be safe...wasn't happy with my Roach at that point). My Sword was superb on both #17 and 18 and it set me up with opportunities for great scores. Had it just played #7, 8, 14, and 15 *slightly* better, this would be my personal best round ever @ Harbin Park. As it stands, it's still one heck of a round!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Today was a bittersweet day as it was the one year anniversary of my cousin and dear friend Mike suddenly passing away. I thought of him all day today and during my one round this evening as well. My drives were wonderful and my velocity was superb but my upshots and putting were off the mark a bit (especially my Shield upshot actually!) Thankfully, I took my time and executed 20-25 ft. putts very well and made this round look much better than it felt if that makes sense. My Teebird hit the Ace lines on both #15 and #16 as well but it was windy and both drives fell short of the basket unfortunately."

Monday, May 4, 2020

Matthew Hull 55 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife! We spent most of the evening together (today was our 7th wedding anniversary!) but she encouraged me to go out and get some exercise so I headed out to Harbin Park for one round of disc golf. I didn't have my best stuff (a shame since there was virtually no wind factor today) but I did have a fantastic Inertia drive on #2 along with some nice putts! My putting within 20 ft. really saved this round honestly. And my Sword drive on #18 was amazing while my Falcon Servo upshot hit the pole to give me an easy eagle there!"

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Matthew Hull 55 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Considering my mental/emotional state today, I'll take a 55! It was a beautiful day today but I guess my spirit just felt off a bit. 2020 just hasn't been a very good year and sometimes, it's hard for even this guy to smile! Still...it was a fun time and my good friend Nate T. even joined me for the back nine which was cool. Nothing superb about this round but nothing really bad to be found here either. I did have one of my best drives ever on #9 with my Sword!"

Friday, May 1, 2020

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What an interesting round of disc golf this was! I started on the back nine this afternoon and had some unreal results early on. I got a really sweet eagle on #10 thanks to one of my finest drives ever on the hole with my Champion Destroyer. My C. Destroyer then hit a superb line on #13 and I made the 30-40 ft. putt! Unfortunately, I couldn't quite take advantage on #14 (missed a 15 ft. putt after getting a gift-wrapped tree kick on my Teebird throw) or 16 but I did make a nice putt on #15. And my Sword drive and Falcon Servo upshot were awesome on #18 (Falcon hit the basket!) If only I could have played #4 better towards the end and deuced #7 and 8 we could been talking about my best round @ Harbin ever!"
Matthew Hull 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes "To put together two rounds of 52 or better on the same day is an incredible feat at least for yours truly! :) I have very little to complain about here as my drives were solid and my upshots spot on. My Champion Destroyer was something special on #13 today because I *rarely* get a deuce on that hole yet I did it twice today! My Teebird was superb on #14-16 too."

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I was hoping for a nice "comeback" round after my 59 yesterday and I got it! Despite being a bit tired and worn down my velocity was wonderful and my drives and especially putts were WAY better overall! My timing was spot on and I made several putts in the 20-25 ft. range for once! ;) The wind was a real factor too as it pushed towards the north-east and made for some wild lines on Holes #5, 6, and 13. I made a nice straddle putt on #14 (Teebird hit an s-curve and landed in the woods to the left of the basket) and my Neutron Envy hit the best line on #16 in a while for the easy deuce there. It was a good, clean round with few mistakes which is what I wanted! It was another beautiful evening too (77 degrees!)"

Monday, April 27, 2020

Matthew Hull 59 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Well...for some reason, it seems like I always follow-up an all-time great round with a dud like this one. It wasn't terrible but it was certainly below average as my drives and putts were just way off at times. To put it in perspective, my Megasoft Shield upshot was the best thing I had going for me (not something you want to say @ Harbin Park). The silver lining, however, was that I got together with my old friend Mark for the first time in ages and the weather was wonderful so no complaints there! I did make a sweet 40-45 ft. putt on #2 (chain-less too...don't ask me how I pulled THAT off!) at least!"

Friday, April 24, 2020

Matthew Hull 57 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a gorgeous day @ Harbin Park! It was 65 degrees and partly cloudy with a light wind factor which is pretty much perfect conditions as far as I am concerned. :) Despite the fact I felt really good, it seemed that my upshots and especially my putting was slightly off which is why I got a 57 instead of...say a 52. I had a *great* Trespass drive on #1 but my Shield upshot went long (went for the deuce!) and of COURSE I missed the 10-15 ft. putt. I did manage to pull it together though. My Champion Destroyer has become one of my favorite drivers and it is a rock on Hole #4 right now! It hit a wonderful line on #12 for my lone deuce of the round too. Unfortunately, my Teebird drive on #14 was a disaster as I released it just a tad early and, while it was starting to turn, it nailed one of the trees on the left side of the fairway and kicked into the woods. It was a miracle that I still got a 3 there. I wanted revenge though...my Teebird wanted another crack at the hole...which it would get in Round #2 today! ;)"
Matthew Hull 49 - Regular tees, 18 holes "This round was like something out of a dream and believe me...it was a REALLY good dream! :) I really debated over playing a second round @ Harbin Park or heading home and I finally decided to simply play a few holes and see if I was really up for it. I actually started on the back nine (Hole #10 is right by the end of #18 so sometimes it makes sense to do that.) and, despite being physically tired, my momentum grew as I hit some nice lines on #10 and 11 before NAILING the line on #12 with my Champion Destroyer. I then went all out on #13 and my C. Destroyer absolutely crushed the line to the right of everything and landed maybe 45-50 ft. to the right of the basket. And then...something *incredible* happened. I had wanted another crack on Hole #14 since my Teebird nailed that tree during my first round today and, while I considered throwing my Star Stingray instead, I decided to let my Teebird get its shot at redemption. It felt great in my hand and I released it with what felt like solid but smooth velocity. It was like watching something in slow motion too because it hit a line I have been trying to hit (with *that* disc) since time immemorial (i.e. 1997-ish). It turned beautifully and it flew right into the chains (*just* left of center) and settled for the Ace!! I let go of an ecstatic victory yell because this is an Ace (Teebird on #14) that I have wanted FOREVER! And it happened my friend! It finally happened! And after a dismal throw during the first round too! And that moment sparked what would become one of (if not THE) greatest rounds I have ever played @ Harbin Park. I threw my Teebird again on #15 and it came within inches of acing that hole!! I kid you not...it hit a beautiful line there and hit a good portion of chains (left side) but didn't stick. Could you imagine back-to-back 200+ ft. Aces with the same disc? It darn near happened! I even threw my Teebird on #16 and, despite it turning way too much, I actually MADE the 60 ft. putt! Momentum is such a powerful thing and as this point, I was officially in "The Zone." My Sword was great on #18 (made another superb putt from 20-25 ft.), I once again nailed superb lines on #4 with my Champion Destroyer (and a fantastic Falcon Servo upshot), hit another awesome line on #6 with my Sword (barely missed the 20 ft. putt...hit the top of the bottom lip), and darn near aced #7 with my Champion Destroyer (hit the right line but landed short)! The ONLY mistakes I made were my bad drives on #2 and #8 (Sword and Teebird respectively). Had I deuced just one of those holes, I could have broken my all-time personal best. As it stands though, I tied it with a 49 which isn't a bad deal at all. What a round and what an Ace! I am on Cloud Nine right now! Whoo-hoo!! :)"

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Yes sirree! That'll do. I was just itching to get back out to Harbin Park after yesterday's late round collapse and I am very pleased with the way I played. There was a major wind factor (gusts of 20-25 mph) and the degree of difficulty was higher than yesterday yet I managed to put together a solid round. Yeah! My rainbow Champion Destroyer was my main choice as its over-stable nature allowed it to compensate for the wind factor. I snagged another birdie on #4 thanks to three Champion Destroyer drives there and my Sword once again hit some great lines on #5 and 6. Unfortunately, I missed an 8-10 ft. putt on #7 after a wonderful Sword drive (totally on me...the wind was calm during my putt) but I came back on #8 with a great 18-20 ft. putt there for the deuce! And unlike yesterday, I made a really nice 15-20 ft. putt on #14 (Teebird hit a nice line but sailed out towards Hole #15!) and had a great Teebird drive on #15 as well. Unfortunately, I missed a short 10-12 ft. putt on #16 (to be fair I was underneath the tree to the right and was literally on my knees for the putt) but I came back and handled #17 and 18 much better than yesterday. Overall, it was a very impressive round on a windy day like this!"

Monday, April 20, 2020

Matthew Hull 57 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Well...for 13 holes, I had a wonderful round! Sandy and Ryan joined me on a gorgeous sunny day hovering around 60-62 degrees and, although the wind was a bit more than I expected, I couldn't complain about a thing. My touch was certainly off a bit (particularly on long-range putts as I overshot many of them) but overall, I felt pretty good. I played the 725 ft. Hole #4 brilliantly (two superb Champion Destroyer drives and a flawless Falcon Servo upshot) and my Sword came to life with excellent turn on #5 and 6. I threw my Star Corvette a bit today too (first time in a WHILE for that disc!) and I like how it cuts through the air. It reminds me of my Katana actually! Anyway, what made this round so odd is that it started to go south...when it usually dazzles. On Hole #14, I threw my Teebird like always and it darn near hit an Ace! It turned too much but it hit the smallest little tree branch which nearly re-directed it into the basket! Unfortunately, I missed the simple 12-15 ft. putt and then the weirdness happened. My Teebird drive on #15 landed short and rolled to the left, my Envy faded way too much on #16, and #17 and 18 were complete train wrecks. Oh well...there's always next time!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I am honestly happy with a score like this on a day when I clearly didn't have anything close to my best stuff. Sandy and Ryan joined me for most of the round and I was able to finish on a nice, strong note. My Star Beast hit a great line on #3 (one of my few drives that got any distance) and my Teebird came close to hitting the Ace line on #14! Sandy was gracious enough to take videos on a few holes (#14 included) and I might have to encourage her to do the same more often as I feel I throw better when she does that. ;)"

Monday, April 6, 2020

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a beautiful day today was! It was 60+ degrees and sunny with a fairly light breeze and, despite my drives being quite erratic at times, I put together a very solid round! I am certainly feeling physically tired from all of the playing and running lately but the will is strong with this one. ;) I started on Hole #10 today and you can see how up and down things were at the start. My Champion Destroyer hit a superb line on #12 though while my Teebird did its vintage "park" job on #14. I am throwing my Neutron Envy better on #16 too (always tricky when you throw a disc only once in a round @ Harbin which is typically my Envy on #16). My best putt of the day might have been a wonderful 30 footer on Hole #3 although I did follow it up with a 25 footer on #4 (great save after my Falcon Servo turned too much on the approach shot and landed just outside the circle. My Star Stingray hit a nice line on #8 too and it thankfully hit the tree to the right of the basket giving me a simple 10 ft. putt there."
Matthew Hull 56 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I really shouldn't have played a second round today as my body told me not to do so after Round #1. However, I was simply going to practice and I literally had the best drive on the 363 ft. downhill Hole #13 EVER!! I threw my Champion Destroyer with perfect velocity and it turned to the right of both of the huge bushes to the right of the fairway before fading beautifully and landing a mere 12-15 ft. from the basket! I then followed that up by parking my Teebird on #14, hitting a good enough line on #15 with the Teebird (made a nice 18-20 ft. putt there), then making another 20 ft. putt on #16 after my Envy drive! I then saved a bad drive on #17 with a perfect Star Stingray recover shot on #17. It was a historic start for me personally but then...#18 kicked my butt to the moon! My Sword drive (been so great on this hole lately) was a trainwreck that landed in the woods to the left and once I got back on the fairway, my Inertia upshot (*perfect* in Round #1 today) landed back in the woods! It was dreadful and that one hole made the rest of the round a real grind. Still...it was nice to play @ Harbin Park since that place could close any day due to the craziness that is 2020..."

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Matthew Hull 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Let me just start by saying that I felt REALLY good tonight! It was a crisp 58-60 degrees with hardly any wind and I actually started on Hole #5 (a rare starting point) due to heavy traffic being on Holes #1 and 10. I didn't want to wait forever to throw so I started elsewhere and the round was so much fun! It took me a few holes to really get warmed up but my upshots and especially my putting (yes, my putting!) were spot-on tonight! I focused on relaxing and having good balance on my putts and most of them went in for a change! My rainbow Champion Destroyer was superb on drives while my Shield was once again outstanding as my upshot disc. I had an amazing drive with my Destroyer on #10 (came to within 20-25 ft. of the basket) but I unfortunately missed the putt there. However, I came back on #12 and parked my Destroyer. My vintage Teebird was the choice on Holes #14 and 15 and it didn't disappoint (although I had to make 20 ft. putts on both holes...which I did!) My Megasoft Shield was once again legendary too! After a very average drive with my Sword on #17 (that disc was a struggle to throw tonight...very squirrel-y), I threw my Shield with velocity and it hit another perfect line for the rare eagle there! That's two 150 ft. putts in two nights with that disc. That would be two Aces had I played @ Reserves Park! ;) I continued to throw my Champion Destroyer (exception was #2 where my Star Beast hit a superb line just to the left of the basket) and it continued to be amazing! The only real mistake I made was on the "last" hole (#4 tonight) where I went with my heart (Shield) over my gut (Falcon Servo) which cost me an easy 4 (barely missed the putt and got a 5 instead) but otherwise, it was a stellar round. Super fun too!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "You want to talk about a front/back nine that couldn't be more different...that's what happened this evening! Despite me feeling very good about tonight and throwing well overall, my scorecard indicated anything but through nine holes. I had multiple putts chain out on the right side of the basket, a few drivers that got away from me, and just bad breaks in general. It happens and halfway through, this round looked like a stinker through and through. However, I kept my cool and just kept throwing away and the back nine was *amazing!* My rainbow Champion Destroyer really came to life on #11 and 12 and I actually went with my Patrol on #14 and 15 over the Teebird (I had to make several "get out of jail" Patrol throws earlier in the evening and those throws hit some great lines.) which proved to be wise. The final hole of the night (#18) had a truly epic finish too! My Sword drive hit the bush to the left of the fairway giving me a nasty lie. I simply threw the best forehand Champion Destroyer toss I could muster and it landed on the fairway 150 ft. or so from the basket. Well, I threw my Shield and it hit the most perfect line to the right of the basket, held the line, then faded right into the chains for the eagle! I had every intention of playing two rounds tonight after playing a lousy front nine but after the way I finished, I decided to head home and enjoy the evening there. :)"

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mark Fages 62 - Flying Pig, 18 holes "+8, tied Mike, beat Dave."

Monday, March 30, 2020

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Matty Ice is back baby! Oh yeah!! :) After one bad round and one erratic one the past couple of outings, it was so nice to find my game this evening. The wind factor was fairly minimal which was nice and, for the most part, I found my lines. My putting is slowly coming around too. I've tried other putters but I keep coming back to my beat up Glo Roach so I figure I'll stick with that disc as long as I can. :)"

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Matthew Hull 58 - Regular tees, 18 holes "After my dismal 61 a couple of days ago, I was really hoping for a great comeback round and what I got was only slightly better thanks to two train wrecks (#13 and 17) on the back nine."

Friday, March 27, 2020

Matthew Hull 61 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Ouch! Well...I guess I played one too many rounds @ Harbin Park because I was just very flat and lifeless during the back nine today. Granted, I stayed up way too late last night with a friend but that's my own fault. Anyway, I actually had a decent front nine but the wheels simply came off during the latter stages of this round. This marks the first time in forever that I threw worse than a 58 @ Harbin Park too. Oh well...there's always going to be that stinker round. Despite that, I did have a wonderful Roach throw on #8 that landed 12-15 ft. in front of the basket. That disc suddenly loves #8! :)"

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Matthew Hull 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes "All I can say is what a difference a day makes! It was a bit more windy this afternoon than yesterday and yet my putting was worlds better today! I am slowly finding my rhythm once more and my upshots were also a notch better. Getting another rare deuce on #3 helped for sure as did a fortunate kick off of a branch on the downhill #8 with my Patrol. My rainbow Champion Destroyer hit a smooth line on #12 and I was great on Holes #14-16 (Teebird came through on all three holes...it hit the perfect lines today!) I was very, very happy with my performance to say the least. And I don't think I mentioned this before but I broke out my Westside Sword yesterday and that disc hasn't missed a beat. It hit some superb lines today (especially on Hole #18)."
Matthew Hull 57 - Regular tees, 18 holes "This round was about as erratic a round as one @ Harbin Park can get! On one hand, I parked my Champion Destroyer on #12 and my Patrol came through on #14 and my putting was decent. However, I missed an easy putt on #2, fudged up on #6, and laid a giant egg on #11. I was all over the place for sure."
Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! It only took me 23+ years to do it but I *FINALLY* aced the 225 ft. downhill Hole #8 @ Harbin Park! And I did it on a day with a moderate wind factor (wind was pushing to the north) too! I calmly threw my trusty Glo Roach and that disc found the absolute *perfect* line all the way to the chains! It was incredible to see it turn just enough before fading right into the sweet spot of the chains *right* above the bottom lip. It wasn't even that loud of an Ace because of where it hit (this is my soft Roach too). In any case, I was so happy and excited and I ended up putting together a solid round to boot! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to ace 1/3 of Harbin Park but this Ace helped me to achieve just that! WOW!! I even did a few uncharacteristic things like throw my Roach on Holes #15 and 16 but it hit unusually great lines on both holes. Every disc has its day and today was the day of the Roach! Whoo-hoo!! :)"

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Matthew Hull 58 - Regular tees, 18 holes "It's been a long, long time but my friend Michael Sparks *finally* got me out to Harbin Park for the first round there in 2020! It's crazy that I haven't played there yet this year but this afternoon was a PERFECT time to do it (65 degrees and sunny with a light breeze). My upshots and putting were very rusty (especially my putting as I missed 4-6 putts inside of 20 ft.) but it was still a fun time. My Star Beast drives were fantastic tonight (got a great deuce on #3 and parked it on #7) but other than that, there isn't much to report."
Matthew Hull 56 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Michael and I chatted quite a bit after our round and when we headed our separate ways, I got into my car and was *just* about to head when I decided to play one QUICK round (it was like 6:45 when I started...and sunset is at 7:45 right now!) And I booked it through the course too as I finished in less than an hour! I didn't play much better than my earlier round this evening but did have some good throws here and there. And my performance on the back nine saved this round big time! The highlight had to be a smooth Sword drive on the 363 ft. downhill Hole #13 followed by a 35 ft. Roach putt that found the chains! My Teebird came up huge on #14 and 15 as well (it hit the upper right-hand corner of the basket on #15 in fact!)."